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  • Captain Phillips Research Paper

    The rescue of Captain Phillips was one of the most dangerous and scariest rescue missions of all time. Capitan Phillips was a ship Capitan on the MV Maersk Alabama which was a cargo ship that carried 17,000 tons of cargo that was heading towards Mombasa, Kenya to supply the people of Kenya with aid (2014, Capitan Phillips was born in Massachusetts and graduated from college, at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Capitan Phillips (2013, R. Phillips) had over 15 crew…

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  • Case Study: Fallon Marine LLC

    Mrs. Fallon stated she and her husband, Mr. Gilbert Fallon at the owners and operators for Fallon Marine LLC, where the repair and replace certified boat parts as well as repairs on all models and makes of boats. They only have one repair shop at the Acoma Blvd., address as a have a storage facility locked at the Empire storage facility at 1040 Empire Dr., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404; telephone number 928- 855-5155. She claimed that their boat repair company leases the storage facility for…

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  • Drake Passage Analysis

    As I have mentioned Sir Francis Drake crossed the passage, taking sixteen days and he lost four ships in the process. The Passage is named after Sir Francis Drake, although it was alleged to be crossed by a Spanish Marine Explores named Francisco de Hoces in 1525. It wasn’t until 1575 that Sir Francis Drake made his voyage across Drake’s Passage and his ship that crossed the passage was blown south. Crossing Drake’s passage next in 1616 was a Dutch Explorer who was named Willem…

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  • Indian Ocean Trade Case Study

    the canal system (Lankevich). Chicago would not have had such rapid growth without the help of the canal system. Connecting the city and the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, Chicago is the farthest into the United States that goods can travel by ship. From…

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  • Fishbanks Simulation Case Study

    purpose of maximizing the net worth. Given three ships and same bank statement, each team has an equal start to make decisions about selling, bidding, and ordering ships, as well as the allocation of ships in harbour, coast, and deep sea. There are three sources of income, including fish sales, ship sales, and interests, while the expenses come from operating costs, ship purchases, new ship orders, and interest charges. Up until present, the ships and catches have been increasing almost 1:1…

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  • Lady Elgin Shipwreck Research Paper

    a strong ship. She had her last moments a few miles of the shore of Winnetka Illinois. She left Chicago and was heading to Milwaukee with an overload of people. The leading man was Captain Jack Wilson. On September 8, 1860, there was a very stormy night. However, the captain was forced to sail through it with the passengers. A few hours later a small ship named the Augusta collided with the Lady Elgin. And the reason is because in 1860, they did not have navigational laws, so the ships did not…

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  • Treasure Island Myths And Myths

    Treasure Island they life of piracy is much different from what it actually was like according to the factual information packet about pirates/pirating/piracy. First off, pirates were well known for looting ships and making people walk the plank. In the novel Treasure Island, it talks about a ship headed to treasure island but some of the members are planning a mutiny. The other crew members who are not part of the mutiny know about it but haven’t taken action. If this were real pirates they…

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  • Sailors Creed Research Paper

    “I am a United States Sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. I proudly serve my country’s Navy combat team with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all.” The Sailors Creed is something I say every morning at work. It is…

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  • Loch Ard Research Paper

    Moreover, the ship carried seventeen crew, thirty-seven passengers and a mixed cargos. On the first of June 1873, as the ship was approaching Melbourne, the passengers and crew were busy preparing to celebrate the end of the three month journey. Unfortunately, the captain…

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  • Western Civilization Technology

    stated in (Kennedy, 1987, p. 29) that is derived from the arms race and the scramble to trade would be improved cartography, navigational tablets, new instruments like the telescope, barometer, back staff, and gimbaled compass, and better methods of ship building helped make maritime travel less unpredictable form of travel. Furthermore, due to the rapid expansion from trade an explosion of inquisition of improvement occurred such as the improvement of agricultural equipment in addition to the…

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