Different Modes Of Operations In The Shipping Industry

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One of the primary focuses in supply chain is efficiency, the goal of getting products from its place of origin to its final destination as quickly as possible using up as little resources as possible. Sometimes trying to accomplish efficiency can be a very difficult process, because there can be multiple issues that can affect planning at the final seconds of shipment. The article that is being reviewed addresses some of the issues with the different modes of operation in the shipping industry, which are industrial, liner, and tramp shipping. In industrial shipping the company that owns the cargo also owns the ships, and the goal is to transport the cargo and minimum cost. In tramp shipping ships perform transportation task in order to maximize profit, this can be compared to a taxi system. In liner shipping, ships follow a set itinerary and schedule, almost like a bus system. The focus on this paper is more on liner shipping, and addresses where the shortfalls are in this mode of operation, …show more content…
Traffic is a major issue, which causes delays, and having to share roads with other motorist especially during rush hour can add unexpected cost to the transportation of goods. The article also only focused on one mode of transportation. Rail transportation is also a very cost effective method of transportation, which can be proven to be more effective than lorries. Rails system has their own structure, which means that are less affected by traffic, and other road delays. Rail system could be set up between ports, that could aid in the transfer of containers from one port to the other, also eliminating the amount of stops a ship would have to make in the liner shipping schedule, at a more efficient rate as

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