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  • Summary Of On War By Carl Von Clausewitz

    alongside the creation of the state system, originated from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. Even though the development of modern state grew slowly at first, Westphalia has been a turning point in laying the foundation for a Europe of territorial states. The delineation of boundaries helped the dichotomy of internal/external, being the root of classical definition of old war. 1.1 Clausewitz theory Carl von Clausewitz , influenced by the campaigns of Frederick the Great and Napoleon, produced a systematic and philosophical examination of war in his unfinished work “On War”. Chapter 1 of his first book provides a comprehensive examination of what war is. He defined war as “nothing but a duel on an extensive scale… an act of force intended to compel our opponent to fulfil our will,’ directed by political motives and morality ”. While force is the mean of war, its aim to make the enemy powerless in order for him to fulfil our will. According to his theory, war implies the maximum use of force and there is no space for errors coming from kindness, because war is hostile intentions-driven. Clausewitz had taken a very realistic approach in affirming that civilization has done nothing but improve the means of war. His opera is a cold, hard manual of what war is, without any intentions of embellishing it. All the elements enlisted above can be referred to the idea of classical war, which is an ideological or geopolitical war conducted by the official military…

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  • Vom Kriege Chapter Summary

    “Vom Kriege” (On War) was published posthumously in 1832 from the writings of Carl Von Clausewitz by his wife. The book was compiled from his writings following his experiences and lessons learned during the Napoleonic Wars. [1] From the opening lines, Clausewitz cleverly sets the tone and prepares the reader for what they are about to read by stating “We shall not enter into any of the abstruse definitions of war used by publicists. We shall keep to the element of the thing itself, to a duel.”…

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  • Von Clausewitz Essay

    Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz wrote one of the most influential works of military philosophy called On War. Clausewitz’s family was in the middle class but in 1827 King Friedrich Wilhelm III confirmed the family’s nobility. Clausewitz was in the Prussian army and first starting fighting when he was thirteen. Prussia ended up withdrawing from the French Revolution which left Clausewitz bored. Because Clausewitz was bored, he picked up an interest for art, science, and education which had…

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  • Jomini's Foundation Of Theory, And The Foundations Of Strategy

    Foundations of Strategy Lt Col Frank Taravella, USAF In the history of war, man has struggled to analyze and understand conflict from various points of view. In the big picture, no one strategy or concept can successfully analyze a particular conflict for the mere fact that these concepts were developed with an eye on history. Having historical examples does not completely encompass all aspects of modern warfare, as no two conflicts are exactly the same. In this essay I will attempt to…

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  • Carl Von Clausewitz's Paradoxical Trinity

    Clausewitz’s paradoxical trinity Prussian military general and theorist Carl von Clausewitz provided a clear perspective on the character and nature of war through his paradoxical trinity. Clausewitz suggests that war is a timeless paradoxical trinity made up of hatred, violence and enmity; chance and probability, and subordination to rational policy. He suggested that violence is a blind natural force; chance and probability allows the creative spirit to roam; and the subordination as an…

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  • Carl Von Clausewitz's On War

    The 19th Century Prussian General, Carl Von Clausewitz captured many of his insights in the book, On War. From initial combat at the age of thirteen to chief of staff of the Prussian Army, Clausewitz developed his thoughts of war based on a variety of military experience. Two of Clausewitz’s tenets seem to stand out as profound and useful, and remarkably still relevant to the modern planner. Primacy of policy helps a planner avoid a strategy policy mismatch by aligning political and military…

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  • Art Of War Essay

    This theory is excerpted from chapter 4 of Sun Zi's Art of War: Strategic of Attack. This theory is the most representative of Sun Zi 's Art of War. From this theory, it states that people who can rigorous review and analysis their own condition can do an objective analysis to know what is their superiority compared to an enemy, in order to carry out strategic and tactical arrangements. After review and analysis, you will discover your weakness and strength, so that you can improve yourself to…

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  • How Is Napoleon Bonaparte Successful

    The Little Corporal, The Little General, The Man of Destiny. These names describe only one man who is one of the greatest military leaders of all time, the Great Napoleon Bonaparte. Rollyson starts his article with the claim that, “Napoleon made lasting contributions to the laws and civil administration of France and other lands. However, he also left a darker legacy—that of dictatorial rule that was the precursor to modern fascism.” Even though some believe his drive for success is his…

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  • Clausewitz Arguments Surrounding The Nature Of War

    In recent years, history has shown that many wars took certain common patterns. There are many theories surrounding the nature of war based on the patterns that a war tends to take. Clausewitz in particular, in his book “On War” gives his thoughts on the nature of war some of which can arguably be considered not conclusive enough. However, his thoughts and those of many others have played a great role in helping strategists make decisions. This essay is based on the argument that war tends…

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  • Von Clausewitzian Strategy

    Foundations of Strategy Exam Second Attempt by Lt Col Casey N Pombert War can be documented back to the earliest known records of civilizations. The ways that war is fought has changed since that time and several military strategists have put forth theories and concepts to influence the development of the tactics used as well as the operational and strategic policies employed. Karl von Clausewitz and Antoine-Henri Jomini are two of history?s most well know military strategists. Clausewitz?s…

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