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  • Similarities Between Mumbai And Beijing

    The cities of Mumbai and Beijing have many similarities. Even though both cities have distinctly different cultures and histories, they share many of the same problems. One major problem both cities have is their populations. Both cities have large populations and continue to grow. Beijing is seen as the more modern global city with huge technology and financial industries; additionally it is the capital of China. Mumbai is developing into a global city and will become quite important in the future as it has an emerging market and dominates India in many sectors. One thing that sets Mumbai apart from other emerging global cities is what it has done to curb the impacts of population growth. Mumbai has created an entirely new city known as New…

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  • High Modernism Analysis

    hierarchy was considered (London) to be the example to follow for Mumbai’s transformation” (“Mumbai Metropolitan Region: Impact of Recent Urban Change on the Peri-urban Areas of Mumbai”, 2471) illustrating how features of high modernism had crept into Mumbai’s development. In this paper, I would like to evaluate 3 major high modernist infrastructure development projects in Mumbai. 2 of these projects are currently under development while one of them finished construction a few years ago. The…

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  • Sonakshi Sinha Analysis

    Bollywood divas that rule 2016 Bollywood is the general term for the Hindi language film industry situated in Mumbai. The entire Indian silver screen is generally alluded to the world standards with the expression of “Bollywood”. Moreover, Bollywood is one of the biggest film makers in India, which holds the most astounding records in Box Office collections. Naturally, acting is the most important domain of this industry where the works of the actors and actresses are viewed through any…

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  • The Real Slumdogs

    very most they can, they even employ their children to do some digging around in the trash to find recyclable items. Once they find these recyclable items, they break them down, sanitize them, and give them to the people who can make something out of them, thus making very little profit. Although unfortunate, if it were not for these people, like previously mentioned, citizens of the surrounding city of Mumbai, citizens of the United States, and surely citizens of other well-developed cities and…

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  • Colonialism In Slumdog Millionaire

    through the perspective of Jamal a young boy who was born and raised in the poorest areas of Mumbai. Who has been most affected by the global economic and political practices set in motion by European colonialism. In Slumdog Millionaire, Jamal can be seen as having a loss of identity. Jamal works in a call center a set example of a globalized service where he even has a phone conversation with a customer in the UK (the country that oppressed India for generations) when asked if he is from…

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  • Dharavi In The Real Slumdogs

    immigrants are known as the heart and soul of Dharavi. The residents originated from multiple locations across Asia, most from Mumbai which is the mega city that surrounds it. This precisely explains how Dharavi is known for housing such a vast amount of culture and diversity. Among its estimated 500,000 inhabitants, 33% are Muslim, 6% are Christian, and 60% are Hindu. With so many people it’s hard to imagine how often each other’s cultures are exchanged. There could even be more than 500,000…

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  • British Imperialism Analysis

    Britain a large power looking for opportunities and lucrative investments they found one. India a large country with potential, potential that Britain saw and acted on. They made an effort to build up India for self preservation which worked in the form of imperialism. India not considered a civilization at the time but soon would be the “Jewel in the Crown” of Britain. Imperialism was taking place and new times for India were on the horizon. Britain was able to gain wealth more goods…

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  • Morality Tv And Loving Jihad

    When Anand Patwardhan, popularly known for his socio-economic and human rights oriented films like Bombay Our City (1985), entered the realm of documentary filmmaking in 1971, he challenged the institutions dominating Indian documentary film production, distribution and censorship. Whereas when Paromita Vohra, acclaimed for her documentaries on urban life, popular culture and gender like Morality TV and Loving Jihad (2007), entered much later, in 1995 she had to deal with a completely different…

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  • The Beautiful Forevers

    In the slums of Mumbai, India, in a half acre in the shadows of Mumbai International Airport, resides the city of Annawadi. A poor place, where children wander trash heaps in search of something valuable to sell so that they may have a mouthful of food. Yet, the city is a place of rising hope because of the affluence that is slowly spreading through India. Katherine Boo is a reporter, trying to spread awareness in her book “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” that extreme poverty has not been…

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  • Declaration Of Rights Analysis

    The articulations of custom, tradition and culture have been posited against discourses of rights in terms of British Colonial rule in India. These distinctions emerged alongside the British ‘civilizing mission’ in which the question of rights came to the forefront of the discourse and were matched with the invention of culture. Edmond Burke’s analysis of rights in the context of the French revolution reveals that natural rights are inherited and passed down from generation to generation, as…

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