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  • Dharavi In The Real Slumdogs

    The creation of Dharavi in India began in 1882 created by the many rural poor migrating to its location. The immigrants are known as the heart and soul of Dharavi. The residents originated from multiple locations across Asia, most from Mumbai which is the mega city that surrounds it. This precisely explains how Dharavi is known for housing such a vast amount of culture and diversity. Among its estimated 500,000 inhabitants, 33% are Muslim, 6% are Christian, and 60% are Hindu. With so many people it’s hard to imagine how often each other’s cultures are exchanged. There could even be more than 500,000 since many births and deaths go unrecorded each year and officials say there could be as many as 1 million inhabitants. Between Mumbai, which is the home to approximately 16 million people, and Dharavi, they collaborate on a daily basis exchanging their cultural ideals and even spreading religion.…

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  • Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire, a movie by Danny Boyle, set in Mumbai, tells the story of Jamal Malik, a contestant on India’s version of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’. Jamal was born in the slums of Mumbai with little education and was on his way to win the grand prize on the game show. Whilst on the show, he is suspected of cheating but little do his accusers know that Jamal’s life experience provides him with essential clues to answer each question. The movie alternates between flashbacks from Jamal’s…

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  • Dharavi A Slum Analysis

    survive, and reproduce. Other countries will still exploit Dharavi. Dharavi is filled with skilled workers that are poor, desperate for work, and can provide cheap labor. They only have each other to look out for their best interest. Even then, it is still survival of the fittest. Background assumption is a deeply embedded, common understanding of how the world operates and of how people ought to act. Dharavi is a mega slum. Before I watched this video I did not understand fully the concept of a…

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  • Dharavi Argumentative Essay

    Dharavi is home to more than a million people in Mumbai. These people live in slums concentrated in just one square mile of land. With significant government and market pressure to develop into a world-class city, and increasing population growth continuing to limit housing opportunities, the fate of Dharavi has become a highly contested and politicized issue (Boano, Lamarca & Hunter 2011). As King Solomon, I will ultimately have control over what becomes of Dharavi. Before deciding, however, I…

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  • The Real Slumdogs Summary

    longer depend on their taken-for-granted assumptions about life The video called The Real Slumdogs takes place in Dharavi, India, a real life slum with around one million people living in one square mile. Dharavi is a landfill created by the people of Mumbai and is now the work place for all of its residents of Dharavi. The producer shows conditions of what a real slum looks like compared to what people come to think when they hear the word “slum”. Their homes and businesses are built out of…

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  • Slumming It Documentary Summary

    Slumming it By chloe Myers The documentary slumming it directed by Helen Simpson and presented by Kevin McCloud is based in Dharavi ,Mumbai ,India. This documentary follows McClouds stay in the slum. viewers watch McCloud learn how to live like the slum dwellers during there day to day lives. The health and sanitation issues in Dharavi have been showed as very poor and not very nice. In the start of the documentary we see McCloud getting immunised for the diseases in Dharavi . The swage…

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  • Concept Of Socialization In Slum Dogs

    knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, norms, and actions though appropriate for them (Henslin 67). I chose this concept for multiple reasons. One reason I chose this concept is because in the city Dharavi they are over populated with 1,000,000 people in a square mile. This means that they all have to adapt to this lifestyle, which means working together as a society. The people in this city came to know as a group what they had to do to work with each other. They all developed positive…

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  • Urban Life In The 19th Century Essay

    The most well-known slum in India is Dharavi a section of the city of Mumbai. After appearing in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” Dharavi began to gain a lot of attention. It is a busy, bustling, fast moving, densely packed city. Similar to Brazil it has little formal infrastructure, and many of the homes are makeshift. The slums of Dharavi did not emerge until the late 19th century. Before then the city was nothing more than a swamp used by fisherman. Around the late 19th century the swamp was…

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  • Conflict Theory In Mega's Slums

    A.) Conflict Theory / pg.27: Theoretical framework in which society is viewed as composed of groups that are competing for scarce resources After watching this video I realized that there was a conflict theory going on in these "mega slums". One of the biggest resources that is most competed for is water. Water is so scarce and is distributed unevenly throughout the slums of Dharavi. It 's causing many conflicts. The allocation of water resources is also an issue. More water from the dams is…

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  • Sociological Perspectives Essay

    Each one shows how structural Dharavi has forcibly become through inequality and poverty. Social institution is the organized, usual, or standard ways by which society meets its basic needs. Dharavi was developed in 1882 during the British colonial era. “The slum grew in part because of an expulsion of factories and residents from the peninsular city centre by the colonial government, and from rural poor migrating into urban Mumbai (then called Bombay). (Wikipedia) “Dharavi has one million…

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