Effects Of Imperialism On India

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Britain a large power looking for opportunities and lucrative investments they found one. India a large country with potential, potential that Britain saw and acted on. They made an effort to build up India for self preservation which worked in the form of imperialism. India not considered a civilization at the time but soon would be the “Jewel in the Crown” of Britain. Imperialism was taking place and new times for India were on the horizon. Britain was able to gain wealth more goods and a vaster trading area with India under them. Britain recruited India through imperialism which would have a strong effect on India. A typical colonial economy was built up in India were it supplied raw materials and provided markets for England 's …show more content…
The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule, by an Indian, Romesh Dutt (doc 3). Britain helped them establish civil laws, teachings, and proper cultural views. The positive effects of imperialism began through the means of a central communication and transportation and the immense amount of bridges and railways built by British engineers. J.A.R. Marriott 's book, The English in India, 1932 (doc 4).Irrigation a big part of Indian life took place on a very large scale which was the source of the country 's wealth. India was moving in the right direction with the guiding hand of Britain. The territory continued to develop through building of roads, canals, railways, and telegraphs. Famine almost completely began to disappear and India was flourishing hygiene and sanitation greatly and improved and a huge accomplishment, the caste system was removed from India 's daily life and no longer had the same dominant effect it had before it was now a trivial aspect of life and did not decide the life of the people the people decided their lives even though majority of government positions were held by British officials Indians now had more rights and control over their own fates. And if not for Britain India would have no became what it is today it was guided for selfish reasons but nonetheless it 's still

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