The Raj: The Role Of The British Woman In India

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Britain 's rule over India is often referred to as the Raj, where roughly about 20,000 or so British officials and troopers ruled over 300 million Indian people. The British almost had complete cooperation from the local Indian princes and Indian troops, making it extremely easy to control the country. Their control over India was solidified even more by the fact that India was not a unified country. The British made treaties with the independent states in India, which created a deeper divide in the country and ensured that India could never unite against them. The caste system only helped the Brits maintain their control. The better-off Indian castes went to the finest English-speaking schools and stayed loyal to the Brits. They joined the British armies and performed their civil duties. Some even helped the British to rule over their less fortunate fellow Indians. They had become fully emerged in the western culture. The British man was very successful in his conquering of India however; he would have not been able to conquer without the help of the British woman. British women in the Raj reaped the benefits of Britain 's rule in India and also had some authority over how Indians would conduct themselves. In this paper I will discuss the role of the British woman in India and how they …show more content…
Perhaps without the British woman the success of the empire would not have lasted as long. They had influences in religion, education, style of dress, house keeping, and social life. The British women spread Christianity by becoming missionaries and educated the population mostly children in English by taking up the role of teachers. They taught the Indian people how to properly take care of their homes and how to dress with decency. The British man was very successful in conquering India however, without the vital role of the English woman Victorian values might have not been spread or accepted so

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