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  • Bayaan Karo Analysis

    located in the state of Maharashtra in India, that is dedicated to enabling communities to reclaim their agency for narration by reimagining their positionality as subjects of narratives, to consumers of narratives. Kyun Bayaan Karein? (Why should we narrate?) This project is centered around highlighting the privilege of consumption. Consumption is a consumer-driven and producer determined force, wherein the construction of the “consuming subject” determines who can be constructed as a “consumable subject”, to borrow Williamson’s vocabulary. The image of an Indian woman, clad in colorful, traditional clothing, with the backdrop…

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  • The Importance Of Festivals In India

    India is a country culturally diverse yet spiritually intertwined. Having over eight different religions and innumerable castes, creeds and tribes, I often wondered if the country is vulnerable due to the differences between the races. Time and again, I had heard how the differences are surpassed by the heartwarming festivals celebrated in India. And during my latest visit, I personally experienced the warmth myself. Despite being born and brought up in India, I had spent a significant number…

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  • State Labour Relations In Maharashtra

    The absence of pro-poor electoral competition present in the state but the interest of the political leaders of the state in liberalization and privatization ensured minimal welfare gains of the informal workers in Maharashtra.. The state of Maharashtra lies in between West Bengal and Tamil Nadu as far as the welfare of the informal sector is concerned. The state of Tamil Nadu showed more interest for protecting the informal workers than Maharashtra .But in comparison to West Bengal the state…

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  • Estimation Of Annual Average Soil Loss, Based On Parasta, Maharashtra, India

    Title of the research proposal: Estimation of Annual Average Soil Loss, Based on RUSLE Model in Mula Watershed, Godavari Basin, Maharashtra, India 2. Summary of the proposed research: The Mula watershed is located in the southern part of the Godavari river basin. It is major tributary of river Pravara. Most of the upper Mula watershed is forested and lower part is under agriculture. Upper part of the watershed is under paddy and cereals crops while lower part is under sugarcane, orchard and…

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  • K. M Nanavati V. State Of Maharashtra Case Study

    A Case Comment on ‘K. M. Nanavati v. State of Maharashtra’ 1961 Legal methods project ___________________________________________________________________________ Submitted to: Professor Amita Dhanda Submitted by: Rahul Sibbal (1st year BA-LLB) NALSAR UNIVERSITY OF LAW, JUSTICE CITY, HYDERABAD Introduction “Love Affair…

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  • Morality In Ambedkar

    change through the most non-violent, human and collective mode of cultural resistance. Further, he imagined dalit as a modern citizen endowed with basic civil rights, dignity with which s/he would be capable of entering the domain of politics. The post-Ambedkar dalit movements, in contrast, especially in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, have developed two alternative models for bringing about social transformation. These social and political alternatives, because of their separate existence from…

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  • Lavasa Case Study

    1.1 Introduction Lavasa is a private, planned city being built near Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is stylistically based on the Italian town Portofino. A 25,000 acres (100 km2) or 8,000 acres (32 km2) project being developed by Hindustan Construction Company [1], this as-yet-incomplete city has been controversial for multiple reasons including procurement of land, harm to the environment, and loans acquired through political corruption. In our term paper we will be mainly focusing on the…

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  • Tribal Youth Case Study

    Skill Development of Tribal Youth: A Case Study of RGNIYD and PJN College of Social Work Initiative in the State of Maharashtra Vijaykumar Waghmare Assistant Professor PJN College of Social Work, Amalner, Dist-Jalgaon Maharashtra, Abstract The youths are the most important and dynamic domain of the population in any society and country. In India, youth in the age group of 15-29 years comprises 27.5% of the population and contribution of these youth in India’s…

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  • Masculinity In Powada

    Lavani, a dance form popular mostly in Maharashtra, but also in parts of Southern Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Lavani is a combination of music and dance performed traditionally to the beats of the dholki by women adorned in their paithini saris and several kilos heavy ghungroos. A classic Lavani performance begins with the swift sounds of the dholki, soon followed by a group of women entering the stage with the pallu of their Paithinis covering their heads, as they entice the…

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  • Workforce Diversity Case Study

    done on the following aspects: Migration of workers and workforce diversity on the basis of states, Workforce diversity on the basis of gender, Determining whether workforce diversity in restaurants is by choice or by force 1. MIGRATION OF WORKERS AND WORK FORCE DIVERSITY ON THE BASIS OF STATES The managers and restaurant owners were asked about the number of workers working in their restaurants. And also whether the workers are from Maharashtra or any other states CHART: 1…

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