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  • Stars Compare And Contrast

    the newborn star’s size, it could remain in this state for billions or possibly even trillions of years. However, not all stars remain so long in the phase of “childhood”, if you will. Stars will mature into “teenagers” also. This stage is called the main sequence. If the growing cloud has enough mass, the the gas and dust burns even hotter, eventually reaching temperatures to fuse hydrogen into helium. Fusion stabilizes the star by producing an outward pressure that balances with the inward pressure caused by gravity. How long the main sequence phase lasts depends on how massive it is. Do higher-mass stars live longer than lower-mass stars? To most people’s surprise, a higher-mass star has more material but burns through it faster due to higher core temperatures caused by greater gravitational forces. So in fact, lower-mass stars will survive longer. While the sun will spend about ten billion years on the main sequence, a star ten times as massive will stick around for only twenty million years. A red dwarf is normally half as massive as the sun and can, “last 80 to 100 billion years, which is far longer than the age of the universe” (Redd). About ninety percent of the stars in the universe, including the sun, are main sequence stars. The last stage of life—death—is the most complicated process to grasp, for both humans and stars alike. When stars with the mass of the Milky Way’s sun runs out of hydrogen fuel, it contracts under the weight of gravity. In the upper layers,…

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  • Annie Jump Cannon Research Paper

    “Oh, be a fine girl/guy kiss me,” or maybe not. Learning this phrase has helped multiple astronomers to educate themselves on the spectral classification of stars and continues to do so in today’s time. Annie Jump Cannon’s legacy will carry on lasting a lifetime! The first letters of each word in the phrase represents the seven main types of stars. Starting with ”‘O,” these stars are very young, blue, hot, massive and extremely bright star. This type of star is very uncommon similar to the “B”…

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  • Second Language Sequence

    Learning a second language is a complex process that exceeds the acquisition of its structure and vocabulary. One of the major components of mastering a new language requires learners to become familiar and sensitive to the preference in language use by native speakers of certain sequences of words over others (Wray, 2000). It is the mastery of these word sequences that distinguishes novice from proficient L2 learners. Yet, there is still little agreement across studies on the number of words…

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  • GATTACA: Movie Analysis

    The first negative aspect to the world of GATTACA would be that those chosen to be one’s partner seemed to be solely based on the other person’s genetic sequence and their “ranking.” When Irene goes to sequence Jerome’s (Vincent’s) hair and gets the sequence back, the person working at the sequencing booth tells her that Jerome’s “rating” is a 9.3 and that he is “quite the catch.” By saying this, combined with the public sequencing booths, the world of GATTACA is one that is based on genes and…

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  • Mrs Fadil's Afterlife Case Study

    Kevin Tod Haug, the client VFX Supervisor, contacted Cinesite Montreal initially in (do we know the month?) to talk about ‘out of this world’ environments and ‘epic’ set extensions for Mrs Fadil’s afterlife sequence which was going to be imminently filmed in Toronto and in Oklahoma. Very quickly, we also got involved in the look development of the storm, which is a character in itself, alongside other sequences. In total, we worked on 18 different sequences split over 5 episodes (1, 2, 3, 4 and…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

    All of the learning patterns are required in my role at some point every day I work. At times I need to blend several of the patterns to accomplish 1 goal. Fielding questions and teaching new skills require me to intensify my Precision and use it with my natural, practical, teach style pattern that is Technical Reasoning. Solving problems is definitely something I intensify my Sequence with if it’s a customer issue. I also need to map out and list what has happened to gather enough detail…

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  • Saul Bass: Graphic Designer

    The arm was distorted and had a series of rectangular shapes to form the arm, which bass considered to represent drug addiction. Preminger however disagreed with Bass over which animated sequence with the arm looked the best. Bass argued that “the sequence fell flat without animation” but Preminger disagreed. The official compromise was “staccato-like movements as the arm segments maneuvered through the visual progression”. After this compromise, the sequence went down as a classic in American…

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  • Moonrise Kingdom Analysis

    When analysing the placement of characters in the film we must acknowledge both the physical placement of the characters in a particular shot or sequence and the placement of a character in the plot or story of the film. While similar in title, the two concepts have drastically different interpretations and uses when analyzing elements of a film. The placement of a character in a shot is the character’s specific placement in front of the camera during a shot or sequence. This concept is analysed…

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  • Personal Learning Habits

    I try to use all of them to the fullest extent. My sequence learning pattern is at an use first level with a score of 30. I was not surprised by this score because keeping things organized is mandatory in order for me to function. I always have to have clear, detailed instructions before I can begin anything. I like knowing exactly what is expected of me with no surprises. It is very beneficial for me as a learner to have examples to refer to when I need assistance. My precision learning pattern…

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  • Book Report On A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    realizes that her family is being murdered, so she tries to manipulate the Misfit with compliments in order to save herself. She had no concern for her family as neither did the Misfit. The grandmother is the bigger hypocrite in the story considering she only wishes to save herself in a life or death situation. Her values changed completely when being held at a gun point. The misfit sees no good in anyone or anything he does not feel sorry for the family nor does he feel sympathy for the…

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