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  • Star Formations: The Formation Of Stars

    Star Formations Every star you see at night in the sky is bigger and brighter than our sun. Stars are born within clouds of dust and gas that is spread throughout most every galaxy. The life of a star includes many stages from nebulas to the mysterious black holes. Stars are responsible for the creation and circulation of heavy elements such as carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. The elements characteristics are informally bound to the characteristics of the planetary systems that may consolidate about them. The formation of stars is a process. Everything has to start somewhere or at some point. Stars have a starting formation. Nebulae are the starting point, the beginning of a stars life. A nebula is a visible, at night because it more illuminat…

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  • Astronomy: The Evolution Of Stars

    I look up to the sky and see millions of stars, and I wonder to myself. What makes them light up so bright, and what makes them a star? What does it take to create a star; they just don’t pop out and shine bright. I want to know the process, and how long it takes for a star to be born. I am also curious to know if the star can die. I plan on finding the answer. I believe that they are created by gases and that they die when they use up all of their gases. Stars have had an impact in our…

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  • Stars Compare And Contrast

    and the sky and… the faint glow of a star. Seeing the first star that night, you make a wish and remember the first time you saw one. You still wonder what that speck of light is—How it got to be up there, why it sometimes is so bright and other times so faint, and how it plays an important role in the universe. The street light flickers on above your head, snapping you out of your reverie and reminding you that you still have an essay to write. You sigh, sit up, and walk to your house, the…

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  • Creative Writing: The Sky Was Full Of Stars

    The Sky Was Full of Stars but They Weren’t the Type of Stars You Can Make Wishes On- Sophie Rubenstein A screaming came across the sky. Celeste searched her surroundings but she could not find the star that had fallen. The random, chaotic killings of her fellow stars began approximately two nights prior. The murders shook her constellation to the core. The taking of a life was a human practice. Nothing so violent had happened in her hemisphere for nearly two-thousand years. By nature, Celeste…

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  • Star Alliance Case Study

    Background Star Alliance has approximately 250,000 questionnaires that have been collected from Alliance carriers. To put the value of this data in perspective, many life-saving drugs on sale today with a value in the billions of dollars, have been analyzed with less than 1/10th or less of data that Star Alliance has available. Although many predictive analysis and modeling techniques have been available for decades, the time and resources to internally plot all of the potential relationships…

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  • Star Wars Movie Analysis

    The Star Wars Series is a saga of films loved by just about every person in the United States. From middle-aged Sci-Fi nerds to middle school jocks, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody that “just didn’t get the hype.” The first Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, was released in 1977 and the last film of the series (so far), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, was released in 2005. Though the original movie was a pop culture phenomenon and has changed film forever, the…

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  • Star Wars Vs Star Trek

    Star Wars vs. Star Trek Throughout the past two decades, two leading science fiction cult classics have rivaled and fought each other. Both have resilient followings of faithful fans who live and breathe these classic tales. Videogames, Lunch boxes, t-shirts, masks, bed sheets, and figurines embody only some of the Merchandise of these two epic films. Star Wars and Star Trek form the benchmarks for the genre of science fiction movies. While the similarities are not difficult to see, especially…

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  • The Hero's Journey In Star Wars: A New Hope

    Campbell remarked Lucas to have perfectly integrated the cycle to Star Wars’ plot. This is not surprising at all, due to the fact that Lucas drew inspiration from the template Campbell created for his film, Star Wars. Table 1 presented below compares the stages of the Hero’s Journey to the events that occurred in the movie, A New Hope. *(Christopher Vogler’s condensed version of the Hero’s Journey has been used in this paper to view this theory from a more general perspective in contrast to…

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  • Similarities Between Star Wars And Star Trek

    the word Star--, do you think, “Long ago, in a galaxy far away…” or “Space: the final frontier..”? The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been ongoing for many years and continues to grow with every passing generation. Despite the fact both franchise’s titles start with the same first word, both shows have many similarities and differences while still being its own different independent story. Star Trek began the path for Star Wars creation by opening a new audience to this world, but…

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  • Star-Crossed Lovers In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers who want to love each other freely, but in the end, it concludes that they both die by committing suicide. Romeo and Juliet are star-crossed lovers who can’t be together because of the families that they live in. Juliet is a Capulet, and Romeo is a Montague. The feelings that Romeo and Juliet had for each other were feelings of true love because they killed themselves because they couldn’t be together, they love each other over their own families, and…

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