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  • Penobscot County Health Analysis

    Penobscot County Health Penobscot county is one of the sixteen counties in the state of Maine. 153,414 out of the 1,330,089 individuals who live in Maine reside in here. Penobscot County is rated worse than the state of Maine in many measures of health. Overall, in health it is ranked 12th. Demographic factors in the county that are related to the heath status include age and race. Penobscot county has less individuals who are below 18 years of age. 18.7% are under the age of 18 while state wide 19.5% of the population are under the age of 18. This demographic is related to the health status of Penobscot county, because younger children are more likely to be more active and therefore healthier. It is more likely for a county with less individuals…

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  • Ferry Beach State Park Essay

    Ferry Beach State Park is located in Saco Maine, between Old Orchard Beach and Camp Ellis. The park is nestled on 117 acres of beautiful land ranging from forested areas with luscious trees, to white sand beaches. One of the most popular draws to the park are the hiking trails where you can spend an afternoon taking in the awe inspiring views of the different eco systems that have made themselves at home and flourished. The trails are littered with man-made bridges that perch you above the floor…

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  • Definition Essay On Being Diverse

    embarrassed or reluctant to tread on perilous grounds and swim in profound waters, and can live without bounds. Be gutsy and set out to appear as an individual not like a puppet controlled by strings. This movement is gaining momentum, but resistance is still a factor. In 2001 approximately 12,000 Somali refugees were displaced, after an awful political war in their East African country and eventually relocated to Maine. Thousands first settled in urban communities, for example, Atlanta before…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Missouri Compromise (1820.

    In 1820, Speaker of the House Henry Clay settled the dispute, by creating a compromise that would appeal to both sides. Clay wrote a compromise that permitted Missouri to be a slave state, but did prohibit slavery to continue North of the Missouri line. Meanwhile, a new state was being created, Maine, which would turn out to be a free state. This allowed both Northern and Southern states to remain in equal power. “And it be further enacted, that in all territory, under the name of Louisiana,…

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  • Essay On The Maine War

    In the year of 1898 Spain declared war on the United States. The U.S. prime objective was for the true Cuban independence. In pursuing such goal, the string of conflicts began with the poor treatment of Cuban civilians in concentration camps by the Spanish, ‘yellow journalism,” and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine. The United States involvement in the war was a combination of all of these factors; however, the most influential factor was the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine. The outrage of American…

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  • Toothpick Case Study

    A toothpick is a tool used in everyday life that ordinarily after its use, is immediately thrown away. In Albert H. Baird’s patent description on his own composition of a toothpick, he states his design’s “...cost of manufacture is so low that [the] improved tooth pick can be economically thrown away after being used but once (Baird, 1910).” Although he associates this idea with his own design, it’s a commonality of the current view of toothpicks. Before the last toothpick factory in Maine…

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  • New England And The Chesapeake Region Case Study

    The New Englanders desired a place where they prosper together as a community. They were more than concerned about the moral health of the whole community and would do whatever was called for to keep their community strong and happy. "This court … in the interim recommends [that] all tradesmen and laborers consider the religious end of their callings, which is that receiving such moderate profits as may enable them to serve God and their neighbors", DOC. E, this shows that they would give their…

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  • Chesapeake Colonies Vs New England Colonies

    The people who came to the New England and Chesapeake colonies shared England as their birthplace, but not much else. The colonies developed into two distinct societies because of the social, economic, political and religious differences among the immigrants. Religion was valued greatly by New Englanders, and not nearly as much by Chesapeake settlers. Physical climate and economic motivations had an impact on why the colonies were formed. Demography was also a key factor in forming the different…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Geography Of New England And The Chesapeake Colonies

    While North America was settled in the majority by Englishmen of the same nationality, by the time of the 1700s, the New England and Chesapeake regions developed adversely from one another. England sent over numerous groups to these two regions. From the start, New England and the Chesapeake had different values and identities. These differences originated from the reasons that they decided to come to the New World in the first place, and where on the coast they were. This affected the colonies…

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  • Essay On The Chesapeake Colonies

    In the late 1400s, when Christopher Columbus stumbled across North America, the world was altered. Many countries established colonies, but the only ones that stuck were the English colonies. Jamestown was first, and 12 others followed. Everyone had different reasons for migrating and the culture of these colonies showed that. Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by people of English origin, their reasons for settling, their government structures, and their…

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