Blue-spotted Salamander

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  • Ferry Beach State Park History

    A pocket swamp is formed when “water travels to the coast via inland streams, but it pools behind dunes that block it from reaching the ocean” (Pocket Swamp. Web. ). Pocket swamps are limited to southern, central, and mid coast regions. These pocket swamps are much like a vernal pool, and are an important breeding habitat for many amphibians. Some of the different species that live in these pocket swamps are “wood frogs, spotted salamanders, and blue-spotted salamanders. Rare turtles such as Blanding’s and spotted turtles may feed on amphibian egg masses present in such pools. If peaty hummocks are common, four-toed salamanders may breed in these wetlands” (2011): n. pag). The Canopy of a pocket swamp is made up of such trees as Black Gum, Yellow Birch, Red Maple, and Eastern Hemlock. Herbs are also found in these areas ranging from Bluejoint, Cinnamon fern, Goldthread, and Long Sedge (Pocket Swamp.…

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  • Road Salt Research Paper

    Many studies showed that road salt has negative effects on the survival rate of amphibian populations. According to Karraker, N. E., Gibbs, J. P., Vonesh, J. R., they found that large quantities of road salt decreased survival in both Spotted salamanders and Wood frogs. Survival of their embryos also decreased significantly. Amphibians have a lower chance to metamorphose, which is the process of an organism to develop into an adult, causing a lower a survival rate. Sanzo, D., and Hecnar, S. J.…

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  • Ghost Dance Massacre

    Nobody knows how the battle really started or who shot the first bullet because the us army tried to disarm a deaf person but we do know that this is a very important battle in native american history. We don't know why they thought that Sitting Bull was leading the ghost dance or even why they invaded our camp. We had to fight back but we couldn't do anything to stop them after they were in before we knew it. Sitting Bull had died a few weeks before the incident but that wasn’t gonna stop the…

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  • The Axolotl: Water Monster

    There are only a few things that people are doing to save this animal. Not counting the fact that the Axolotl is not as popular as Iphones nowadays, but as much as people are on the phones and on the internet you would think that they would find information on it. Maybe if this world wasn’t so lazy and self centered then there would not be so many animals extinct. Some people are keeping them as pets to keep them from being prey. While others are going around picking up trash from the waters.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Actitis Hypoleucos

    Possibly, the Actitis hypoleucos, also referred as the Common sandpiper would most likely be a potential surrogate for the Numenius borealis. Based on the information provided, the Numenius borealis and the Actitis hypoleucos are closely related and are both in the same Family which is the Scolopacidae. Furthermore, both species prefer temperate locations and migrate during the winter and summer. Depending on the location, the Numenius borealis will not stay at their nest and care for their…

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  • Eurycea Rathbuni Essay

    Eurycea rathbuni otherwise known as Texas Blind Salamanders are incredible creatures that do not get their fair share of attention compared to animals such as cheetahs and lions. Specifically, they are only known to reside within the dark water filled caves of Edward’s Aquifer in Hays County, Texas.5 Thus, this species was discovered by the San Marcos National Fishery, which is now known as Texas State University.5,6 In 1967, Eurycea Rathbuni was listed as an endangered species, and within ten…

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  • Spotted Owl Research Paper

    Spotted owl populations are rapidly decreasing because of the barred owl invading its land, and scientists are rushing to find a viable solution. The barred owl is encroaching upon the spotted owl’s habitat area, and this is becoming a serious predicament. In states such as California, Oregon, and Washington, spotted owl populations have decreased drastically, and scientists are working rapidly to try to find solutions. These researchers have exhaustively studied the habitat and livelihood of…

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  • Northern Spotted Owl Case Study

    conserve and recover species listed as threatened and endangered and… In 1990 the Northern Spotted Owl was listed as a threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Since then the rate of loss of habitat has declined. Even so valuable old growth forest is lost to the spotted owls. Previously the decline of the spotted owl population has been attributed to timber harvesting. However, recently the expansion of the Barred owl, an owl of the same genus as the Northern Spotted owl, from east to west…

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  • Visual Aglisia Research Paper

    According to the movie, color vision is not something a person automatically born with, it develops the first three months after a child is born. The child is able to see different colors as an infant and able to categorize the colors even though they haven’t learn any language. The way that people process color and language are congruent. Language can structure how the brain structure the visual world. The right side of human brain process the color categories. In the English world, there are…

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  • Edvard Munch And Frida Kahlo Analysis

    Munch used an analogous colour scheme featuring complementary colours and predominately earthy colours. This is evident in the sky where the bright swirling orange complements the revealing stoke of teal blue. The texture portrayed appears to be smooth due to the soft swerved lines as compared to the rough appearance of the sea. The sea is created using analogous colours, which include deep greens, earthy greens, navy blue and sky blue that slightly contrasts with the hint of orange and beige.…

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