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  • The Pros And Cons Of HBCU

    “A report from the National Science Foundation found that HBCUs produce the largest amount of African American students that go on to pursue PhD’s in the STEM areas. In fact, approximately 33% of African American students receiving their PhDs in STEM attained bachelor’s degrees from HBCUs. To put that in perspective, roughly 105 institutions are producing a third of all African Americans obtaining PhDs in STEM fields” (Gasman & Commodore). This statistic shows that even with fewer resources than PWI’s HBCU’s produce their fair share of driven students. However, no one likes to talk about this. An HBCU is “a college or university that was originally founded to educate students of African-American descent” (Oxford Dictionaries). A PWI is a Predominantly…

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  • Challenges In My Life

    exceed the expectations of the instructors and they insisted I move on the 1st grade as I understood the materials better than most in my class. As I continued though grammar school, middle school and even some of high school, I never really had to study much because retaining information came easy to me. I was, however, developing bad habits that did come back to get me as I completed high school and began college. During my senior year of high school, I realized that I needed to apply to…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Gap Year

    allow for non-academic activities.” Many European countries are doing this method, where students take a year break after graduating high school but before college to give themselves time to do what they please without the anxiety and stress of academics. The Gap Year is a great solution for students to figure out exactly what they would like their future to be, and get an idea of the real world. After 12 years of school you must figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life and it…

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  • The Importance Of Education In Colonial Education

    The Bible curriculum which was the primary resource in order to civilize the colonist and Native Americans. However the premise of the Bible is to reveal deeper truth. The irony in the Colonial education system was that, their source the Bible which encouraged a free-will through the scriptures while the intention of the Colonist was to use the Bible as a method to control an unintelligent population. Colonial education was systematically organized for the wealthy to attend academies in order to…

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  • My Definition Of Life

    master’s degree also or go into a culinary school to gain more knowledge about food and health. Later on in the far future I hope to be working with other people in order to change the way people see food. I want to be part of a food revolution, which hopefully get rids of most of the very unhealthy processed foods. My future is a great challenge since I am the first in my family that has graduated high school and enrolled in college. Plus financially I need a lot of help and being the first…

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  • The Danger Of Telling Poor Kids Analysis

    In "The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility" posted on The Atlantic on January 16, 2014, writer and teacher Andrew Simmons states his thoughts and ideas about higher education to the impoverished population and why it isn 't for poor kids. He recently had a high school student write an essay about what she wants to do with her future. She had been told, rather preached to, that if she, "made good grades and a ticket to a good college would lead to a good job,…

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  • Freshman 15 Research Paper

    The term Freshman 15 is slang that is used to refer to the weight gain in students who enter colleges and universities. Studies have proven that a student is likely to gain approximately 15 pounds in weight within the first year that they join the institution. Weight gain is a problem that widely affects a significant proportion of the society owing to the diseases that may result because of unusual weight gain. Gaining weight may lead to one increasing his or her body mass index leading to one…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career For A Career In Computer Science

    developed a stronger interest in academia. Specifically, I wanted to mentor future students as my professors had done so for me. At this point in time though, I only considered working in a university environment. Even though I wanted to work in an academically focused school, I understood the importance of conducting research. My advisers pushed me to apply for a research experience for undergraduates (REU) in order to gain a formal experience that would improve my chances of getting into a…

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  • Diversity In Ireland

    In Ireland, all schools except for secondary are funded by state because secondary schools are privately owned and managed. However, in the U.S, all public high schools are funded by the federal and state government and local resources. The structure of secondary education in Ireland is also categorized by cycles. The Junior cycle consists of 3 years and has a curriculum that covers general subjects and prepares students for the knowledge and skills needed for the senior cycle (DES, 2016). The…

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  • Factors And Characteristics Of Factoring A Graduate Program

    This factor is not largely influential to me. I just want to be on a campus that facilitates a safe learning environment. I am not largely concerned with social events, although sensitivity to minorities is important. There are obviously many different factors to consider when choosing a graduate program. The most important things to me when selecting a graduate institution are accreditation, knowledgeable advisors, type of program, and financial aid. Financial aid is most definitely an…

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