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  • Classified Boards

    Classified boards may be effected through provisions in a corporation’s certificate of incorporation or in a corporation’s bylaws. Effecting a classified board in the certificate of incorporation maximizes protection to the board because it is more difficult to remove the classified board provision and declassify the board effected in a charter than in a corporation’s bylaws . If a corporation’s certificate of incorporation contains a provision classifying the board of directors, declassification cannot be done by stockholder vote alone because declassification will require an amendment to the certificate of incorporation. Amendments to a certificate of incorporation require action by both the board of directors and the stockholders. See.…

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  • Unitary Board And Unitary Board System Of Corporate Governance

    Summary In terms of the board structure, there are two general models: unitary board and dual board. Unitary board system of corporate governance is mainly used in the UK and USA. According to Hermalin (1998), the unitary board is responsible for the shareholders' meeting, and it has both decision-making function and the supervision function. The board of directors, with several subcommittees, is composed of independent directors and executive directors. The independent directors can play an…

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  • School Board Characteristics

    executive board director of the National School Boards Administration), Gene I. Maeroff (who has written many books on the field of education, especially in America), Christopher S. Barclay (who is the president of the school board in Montgomery, Alabama), and Chester E. Finn, Jr. (who is the president of the Thomas B. Fordham foundation which sponsored this particular discussion) that focused on the importance and necessity of local school boards. Each member of this group panel was given…

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  • Board Game Analysis

    For the Multimedia Project, I chose to do a board game based on the theme of Happiness. I chose to a board game because I enjoy playing board games myself. Also, drawing has always been my extracurricular passion. Last but not the least, I feel I have learned a lot about happiness this term and I hope I can share what I have learned in a fun, accessible way. The message that I am trying to get across lies in the rules of the game, where people need to have to take the right actions and improve…

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  • Advisory Board Conclusion

    profit organization instead of a board of directors we have an advisory board made up of community members to advise our management team and provide insight on what the community needs related to sports. This section will discuss why we chose an advisory board who is on our advisory board, What insight each member brings, and why an advisory board is best for our stage of development. Our non-profit is still in the developmental stages, and lacks proper funding for a board of directors. Having…

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  • Essay On Board Game Culture

    The Teen Transition: How Rock and Roll Culture Killed Board Game Culture The intent of this paper is to explore the connections between the introduction of rock and roll music into the mainstream media of the 1950s and the subsequent downturn of board game popularity among teenage youth in the years that follow. Although board games as a medium of entertainment did not disappear entirely, their inclusion in teenage life has diminished greatly over the years. Board games today are now reserved…

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  • Board Game Design Analysis

    There are many aspects of design that must be considered when developing a board game; it’s essentially creating a new world. Qualities of the game itself are important. In particular, great games are balanced in a sense that they provide enough challenge to make playing enjoyable, and also provide adequate understanding of how to play. Board game design requires a balanced effort of both play dynamic and visual. Many game designers under estimate the importance of visuals, leaving them in the…

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  • School Board Meeting Summary

    I viewed the video footage from the School Board Meeting that was recorded on March 8th. This meeting was at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Administrative Center. This is located at 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, Fl. The meeting began at 4p.m. however, the business portion of the meeting began at 4:30p.m. Board member who attended where; Kelly Lichter, Kathleen Curatolo, Erika Donalds, and Roy M. Terry. The beginning of the meeting was a lot of academic highlights. It started with a video of…

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  • The Importance Of Advisory And House Boards

    Advisory and House Boards Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity is an organization of over 273,000 members and 140 collegiate chapters. These chapters are guided and advised by a collection of advisers who represent the front line of support for our collegiate members. These individuals are relied upon for their knowledge of the position they advise, including protocols as well as the skills and talents required of the officer. Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the important role that trained,…

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  • Public School Board Meeting Analysis

    of private parties, and by private, meaning those with the power to change or alter their environment. Public school board meetings are such spaces. It allows for the consumers of education to be heard by the “producers” of education, or staff personnel involved. Ideally, concerns and…

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