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  • Reflection On Board Meeting

    Board Meeting Journal Questions I have been at Wahlert for fifteen years and in that time I have never attended a board meeting. Part of the reason why was that I never felt a need too. The other portion of the reason was that I had been to enough meetings at the first school that I taught at because I was the union president. In that role, I was the constant presence at board meetings, grievance hearings, and contract negotiations. As I moved into a private school with no union, I was…

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  • Balance Board Research Paper

    Balance boards are used as fitness tools to improve the strength and balance of your body. A balance board acts much like a seesaw, typically in the form of a plank on top of a cylinder. The objective is to stay on top of this board without letting it touch the ground. The body remains in motion, and you have to constantly work on balancing your body the right way. Balance boards have many benefits. They are fun to use and they improve many body skills. By constantly using your muscles to stay…

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  • Smithville Board Of Education Reflection

    While completing this activity, I learned about how a board member feels about if standardized testing improves motivation, if the media portrays test data accurately and thoroughly, how results from standardized testing are used to improve instruction and curriculum, and if she thought standardized testing would increase or decrease over the next decade. More importantly, I learned that the Smithville Board of Education is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, with vast knowledge,…

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  • War Industries Board Essay

    The War Industries Board was created in 1917 by President Wilson to prepare the U.S. for war. The board consisted of 12 members, one which was the former president, Taft. Others were labor union officials, representing carpenters, machinists, miners, seamen, and railroad owners.(War Industries Board: Definition & Significance) Out of all the government agencies, it was the most important. It’s main purpose was to direct production and distribution of war materials and the purchase of war…

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  • School Board Meeting Essay

    A school board is a very important part of the school district. The member of the school board can be elected or appointed and they have many keys jobs that make them so important. Some of these jobs include making sure each child has the best education possible, think about the community’s viewpoint, and keeping the budget as close to the given amount as they can. When I first learned we had to attend a school board meeting as one of the assignments for this class, I wasn’t too thrilled, just…

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  • Governing Boards In Nonprofit Organizations

    According to Hopkins and Gross (2010), the governing board plays a key role in how the nonprofit is controlled and handled. Based on how the organization is setup will determine how the governing board is selected, however, since they are the gate keeper of the organization (Hopkins & Gross, 2010), it would behoove the organization to have board members that are financially literate as it relates to business and budgets. Budgets are generally completed annually and the numbers should equate to…

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  • Slide Board Lab Report

    How to use a slide board for the transfer of patients A slide board, also known as a transfer table, is an assistance device that creates a bridge between the surfaces. The device is made from materials such as plastic or wood. The patient is able to scoot down the line, which reduces the need for a caregiver to lift the patient from one to the other surface. Knowing the correct procedure for using a slide board can increase confidence and improve the safety of both you and the patient.…

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  • School Board Meeting Analysis

    Political Influence: School Board Meeting I attended the school board meeting on Tuesday the twentieth of September. While I was there I realized how school board meetings have a huge impact on the students and families that are living in the area. A school board meeting can have a positive and a negative impact on the students and families concerning academic and extracurricular activities. While I was at the school board meeting an award was given to a young girl who was…

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  • Nonprofit Governing Board Analysis

    The financial responsibility of a nonprofit governing board includes its ability to achieve the organization’s mission over time. How does the board and CEO/executive director address each of the following? • Oversight by state and federal regulators; • Identifying and managing financial risk; • Management of finances and fiduciary oversight; • Communicating financial transparency. The Board’s approach: • Oversight by state and federal regulators; When there is an evident oversight in the…

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  • School Board Meeting Observation

    Board Meeting Observations The June 13th school board meeting’s main discussion point was about proposed changes to the middle school magnet program. Several years ago Cabarrus County began IB and STEM magnet programs at several elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools. The problem is that one middle school houses only IB and STEM. There are no non IB or STEM students at the school, therefore it has the feel of a private school. The elementary and high school programs are not…

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