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  • Understanding The Boat People Analysis

    A critique of “Understanding the “Boat People,” by Nooria Moray who was once a refugee and; She is clinician by professional and currently holding a senior clinical position at the Sydney Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors. The author has work experience in working with refugees in the Australia and overseas. The article addressed the misconceptions of the ‘boat people’ by some Australian political leaders and local citizens. The issue of the ‘boat people’ has been going on over decades in Australian history since 1970s . It has been the political battle ground in the Australian politics. In the article, the author clearly introduces the refugees’ mercies in the sea; the author cited capsize December…

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  • Boat People Research Paper

    Does anyone know the meaning of Boat People? The Columbia Encyclopedia defined that, “Boat people, term used to describe the Indochinese refugees who fled Communist rule after the Vietnam War.” That was me thirty-three years ago. My younger brother and I escaped from Viet Nam together with fifty-four strangers on March 26, 1982, on a little boat that was only big enough for us to sit neatly face to face with our legs folded up to our chest. After four days and five nights, we arrived to Ku Ku…

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  • Movie Review: Bolinao 52 By Duc Nguyen

    Following the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, millions of people fled Vietnam for fearing the “reeducation camps” and other forms of retaliation from the new communist government. Many refugees called “boat people”, made their routes by sailing through the ocean, and they had to risk their lives for a new haven. It is estimated that half of refugees could not made their ways, and ocean was their graves. In 2008, Director Duc Nguyen released his documentary film Bolinao 52, a movie about…

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  • Roof Rack Research Paper

    should never be taken lightly or dismissed without pondering it for what it is. Spiritual folk will see it as a sign from on high. Less attuned people will view it as luck or serendipity. Whichever school of thought one hails from, the end result is the same, the presentation of a life altering choice. And a thinking person cannot step away from it without heading in a new direction. Such is the cause for some of the best creative minds to head down the road towards their calling. The personal…

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  • The Finest Hours Analysis

    to find a method to lower the survivors to a lower level. The winds were blowing to fast for the rescue crew to launch their ropes to the top. The winds would blow the ropes away from the tankers. On one of the tankers the survivors had no choice but to jump into the freezing waters. Then the rescue team would quickly grab the men, so they wouldn't float away with the waves. This method risked the survivors health. They would go into hyperthermia and they would contract frostbite from the…

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  • Vietnam Boat People Crisis Analysis

    Kosovar Conflict and the Vietnamese Boat People Crisis. In order for its interferences to be successful, the United Nations must utilize each component in its arsenal effectively: monitoring, pro-action, and reaction. The current refugee crisis from Syria and its neighboring countries has manifested extensively due to the United Nations’ inadequate…

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  • Personal Narrative-A Day At Camp V-Board

    small boat sailing class; a class I did not enjoy. I was not too thrilled about teaching sailing because the people you would teach would have to be engaged during instruction so they could learn how to sail properly. Along the breezy and sandy lake shore is where I preferred to teach since I could cool down in the water. My fifth period was full of uncontrollable, inconsiderate twelve and thirteen years old who had no respect for anyone. They would never pay attention when I was showing them…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Build Three Boats

    When I was in tenth grade, in my marine sciences class we had a group project, in which we had to build three boats. It was the first project of the year, and it was a big part all of our grades. The boats could only be twelve centimeters by twelve centimeters at the most and could only be comprised of the materials provided in the class, tinfoil, two popsicle sticks, straws, tape, paper, etc. Each boat had to serve a different purpose, sail straight, hold thirty dice, or survive waves, and the…

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  • Summer Paragraph

    We would all sit and talk about the past week or the plans for the next day. Of course, the girls were always trying to plan to go get out nails done, do a little shopping and then go out on the lake. Then the guys would shut that plan down really quick because they rather be on the boat instead of sitting in the scorching summer heat waiting on us. After the pointless bickering, us girls always got our way. So when the fire finally came to smoldering coals most everyone would go in for the…

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  • Difference Between Kaaking And Canoeing

    use of boats. Canoeing and Kayaking are two floating crafts that may take anyone to places in the waters that are even difficult to access by any other means. Canoes and kayaks maybe confusing to some but its easy really easy to distinguish one from the other. Kayaking and canoeing both require a paddle for propulsion and steering. The most noticeable difference is the structure of the boats. Kayaks have a covered deck while the canoes are wide open. Kayakers extend legs and are seated…

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