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  • Personal Narrative: How To Build Three Boats

    When I was in tenth grade, in my marine sciences class we had a group project, in which we had to build three boats. It was the first project of the year, and it was a big part all of our grades. The boats could only be twelve centimeters by twelve centimeters at the most and could only be comprised of the materials provided in the class, tinfoil, two popsicle sticks, straws, tape, paper, etc. Each boat had to serve a different purpose, sail straight, hold thirty dice, or survive waves, and the group that built the boat that served its purpose the best received extra credit. My group consisted of Shane, Kyle, Isaac, and I. We all agreed on how to build the boat that needed to survive waves, and it worked perfectly, but once we started to brainstorm on how to build the boat that was meant to hold thirty dice we began to disagree. I thought we should just make the boat tall and take up most of the twelve centimeter by twelve centimeter area because having a large surface area increases buoyancy, and it was important that it was tall, so it wouldn’t let on water when the weight was added. Kyle agreed with me, but Isaac had another plan, and Kyle trusted him, probably due to the fact that I just met all three of them not too long ago, and Shane didn’t pick a side, so we tried out Isaac’s idea. Isaac’s idea was to make a raft that was made out of drinking straws that were taped off at the ends, full of air, held together with parts of a plastic fork taped to them, and with the…

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  • Tantrum Toys Case Summary

    Introduction Elena Muhs was contacted by the company Tantrum Toys to test a new bubble solution they had created to see if it would make bigger, longer lasting bubbles compared to other formulas. Her group was instructed to test six bubble solutions, one of which was Tantrum Toys new solution and another was Tantrum Toys currently marketed solution. Each solution was identically packaged and marked with only a solution number in order to eliminate the possibility of bias in the laboratory. Muhs…

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  • Egg Placed In Syrup Lab Hypothesis

    When the egg was placed into syrup, a hypertonic solution, it shrunk in size. This result supports my hypothesis. The mass of the egg before it was placed in syrup and after it was placed in syrup changed drastically. There was a 16 g decrease in mass that happened to the egg during its time in the syrup. Both the long and short circumference of the egg decreased. The long circumference before the egg was placed in syrup was 18.75 cm and after it was taken out of the syrup the long circumference…

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  • Synophysiology Of Knowing

    Making the boxes was easily the hardest task physically of this assignment. Each box was chosen for a different reason, for example, the hard foam box was the one that was thought to do the best, due to the air pockets and likeness to a yoga mat but much cheaper and easier to source. There was also the Blanket, this was kind of like a control except we lined it with blankets as they are easy and cheap, and knew that it would somewhat muffle the sound waves from escaping. Styrofoam was one that…

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  • Wolf Willow's Excavation Essay

    This level was within the tan sandy silt matrix that started to appear towards the bottom of C2. Starting at approximately 31 centimetres and disappearing at 39 centimetres depth, C3 had 20 artifacts in this small layer of space. Faunal remains consisted primarily of bone fragments from long bones, with notable artifacts being a scapula fragment (#127) and the distal end of a tibia (#122). Many carpals and tarsals were found in this level. The number of lithic remains was much greater at this…

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  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL)

    When the stone reaches an appropriate size or shape, it prevents the free flow of urine and blocks the flow of urine or damages the kidney or other part of the urinary stone. i) Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) (Attasit et al., 2009) Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most widely used procedure for the treatment of kidney stones. ESWL acts as an alternative approach to disintegrate stones developed in the kidney and in the upper urinary tract. ESWL uses high…

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  • Outline Alfred Wegener's Hypothesis

    It makes up 40% of the Earth’s surface and has a density of 2.6 grams per centimetre cubed. It has a thickness of 35-70 kilometres. Oceanic crust consists of dark coloured rocks made up of basalt known as mafic. Mafic is an igneous rock made of mainly magnesium and iron. Oceanic rock is also 7-10 kilometres thick. It has a density of 3 grams per centimetre cubed. 9. Define the terms subduction, mid-ocean ridge, and ocean trench and island arc. Subduction is when two tectonic plate’s…

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  • Diffusion In Agar Cubes Experiment

    (%) Trial 5 (%) Trial 6 (%) Trial 7 (%) Trial 8 (%) Trial 9 (%) Average (%) 1 87.5 95.2 97.3 87.5 87.5 48.8 93.6 96.4 87 86.75555556 2 72.53 70.43 60.8 72.54 57.81 65.7 64.25 72.5 57 65.95111111 3 42.12 46.67 29.8 24.13 42.13 48.8 42.11 42.1 78 43.98444444 Table 2, Calculations of surface area, and volume to area ratio. Table 3, Volume of diffusion of agar cubes after ten minutes in sulphuric acid. Graph 1, This represents the average results above in a line of best fit graph.…

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  • Mini Unit Analysis

    activity and gives the students variety on which activity to do, if some activities are just to simple for these students with prior knowledge. Another feature would be grouping them into a heterogeneous group, which is students who aren’t necessarily on the same level as other students, would work. As a teacher you can still give the same measurement activity to the students, but then walk around and ask the students who have the prior knowledge to see if they can increase there knowledge…

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  • Example Of A Gothic Short Story

    I doge the sinister birds on the way. The door creaks open moving a centimetre at the time. It could move faster, but the wood has grown mouldy and soft with water, and if you pushed it harder, you would probably push right through the door. Once inside, a thick coating of grime and mould coast everything. I step tentatively as there are several dark holes where floorboards have snapped, a weak from dust and pressured downwards by the weight of the gigantic dust bunnies that have formed. Cobwebs…

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