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  • Boston Fishing Research Paper

    Inner Boston Harbor's Thompson Island is a gem of an easy access spot if you're looking for fishing the flats for striped bass or deeper and structured-waters on the same plus bluefish. Access is good: kayak fishermen can use the little-more-than-a-mile-from-the-island hand-carry at City Point, ditto the ramp at Malibu Beach, Neponset for powerboaters with trailers with four-wheel drive. In addition to flats fishing on the island's back side, Thompson holds within its contours two tidal marshes and a large sandbar and bunker that connect the island to Squantum's Squaw Rocks mussel beds at low tide, themselves a good bait source. And because most anglers prefer Boston harbor's outer islands, the Brewsters and so on, or the Faun Bar off Deer…

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  • Camp Edwards Narrative

    Ultimately, no one won the race because the wind became too strong and everyone had to retreat back to the docks where we began. Although the race was never finished, I was extremely impressed that my friends never tipped the boat over. Operation Pegasus Inferno is agreed upon by my friends to be the most enjoyable game played during Camp Edwards. The game had two large teams consisting of a mix of campers and counselors. One team started in kayaks out in the lake while the opposite team…

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  • Grand Teton National Park Research Paper

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a vacationer's paradise. With close proximity to Yellow National Park and the Grand Teton National Park, there's plenty to do with spectacular scenery. If you're looking for an adventure, consider kayaking at Jackson Hole. Flowing from the mountain ranges and nearby canyons, Jackson Hole waters are the perfect location for kayaking. Beginner kayakers will enjoy the tranquil water that Shoshone Lake offers. An advantage to beginning on this lake is that no motorized…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Trip To The Indian Head Camp

    set of clothes back in the cabin. We put life jackets on because we were required to wear them because some people don’t know how to swim. I have never been kayaking and I and the fear almost crippled me like a bird with clipped wings. I didn 't even know what I was supposed to do with the paddle, I was so clueless. I didn’t want to do any of it but all of my classmates were doing it and my teacher was so I would look like a scary cat not not doing the activity. I chose to go on the kayaking…

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  • Scout Monologue

    When the lifeguard's face grew a bright mischievous smile I knew what was next. "Now you have to capsize, flip your kayak over, and get back in." For some reason that seemed frightening at first I don't know why, the water is warmer than yesterday and it's not raining. Maybe it was the thought of not knowing what's beneath me. Whatever the reason it made me hesitant along with everyone else. Out of nowhere the daredevil side of me that allows me to ride the awesome roller coasters makes me…

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  • Roof Rack Research Paper

    Aside from bikes and skis, the most popular item that needs to be transported with a roof rack is a boat. Kayaks, canoes, even surfboards are simply impossible to transport inside your vehicle. Compared to an alternative method of transpotation, such as a trailer, a roof rack is substantially cheaper and easier to use. The only problem: where do you start in selecting a roof water rack? What kind of boat will you carry? The first step in the selection process is determining what kind of boat…

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  • Plant Life In Catalina

    snakes, and other marine life are spotted in this journey. You are in the water for approximately 30 minutes and the water is 65 degrees F. The snorkel helps you breathe while under the water. Sometimes, as you're swimming, kelp will brush against your legs. As you go deeper into the ocean, the bottom is approximately 20 feet deep and many animals can be observed. After snorkeling, you try to identify what fish you saw. CLASSES Most of the time in MSA, you are in a class. Some classes include…

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  • Narrative Essay On Kayaking

    My mom and I decided that we wanted to try it out too, but little did we know what an amazing time we would have. My mom and I got up very early in the morning and headed off to a large nearby lake that we had seen when driving past. Thankfully, we had decided to put the kayaks on the car the night before, because otherwise it would have been quite difficult since it was still pitch black out when we left. On the way, there was a lot of fog and it was hard to see. It had taken us several days…

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  • Reflective Essay: Three Learning Moments

    Three Learning Moments First learning moments this week was during our very first day of class where we took a field trip down to the river in canoes. We paddled down the river about 2 miles, so we could experience what lies beneath and around the riverbed, immersing ourselves in the environment and strangers at the same time. I Kayak, but I never really take the time to stop and enjoy what the water, and what its surroundings have to offer, I use it as an exercise, not a tool for a forum, but I…

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  • Themes In Red Kayak

    Who drilled the holes?Who will be prosecuted?What will they be charged with?Digger drilled holes in Mr.DiAngelo's red kayak to get back at him for kicking him off his property.Realistic fiction has its elements, credible events,authentic characters,real settings,true-to-life themes,and believable dialogue.The three I am talking about are true-to-life themes,authentic characters,and believable dialogue. One reason Red Kayak is a good example of realistic fiction is…

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