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  • Dystopian Film

    Somehow I find pure joy in watching two men or women display their superior ass kicking skills on one another. So much so that I endure movies with painfully corny and cliché story lines, all to watch Keanu Reeves in a well tailored suit show off his impressive mixed martial art abilities and military grade handling of assault rifles (John Wick). What the movie lacks in its plot more than graciously substitutes in for its incredibly stylish persona of John Wick, as well as a more than healthy heaping of high intensity, gut wrenching violence. On the other side of this twisted coin films such as Blue is the Warmest Color completely mesmerizes me with its incredibly raw and uncensored story telling, which most foreign films do exceptionally well. A miraculous blend of the arts, love,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Social Intercourse

    something seems right doesn’t mean it is. A technical genius is expected to turn up to an interview in a suit, but real technical geniuses turn up looking like overworked hobos or World Of Warcraft veteran players. Is turning up in a $2000 suit going to get you a management job? Is turning up in a suit going to help you get a job as a wildlife vet? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, but have you considered going against your intuitive answers? What about your attitude? The…

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  • Difference Between The Matrix And Nozick's

    The Matrix, on the other hand, is more than just a thought experiment. It is a narrative that is judged aesthetically, and as such its success requires that its creators produce something that will captivate and engage an audience. Carroll has asserted that, narratives, far from being complete, have gaps which need to be filled by the audience. That is, creators of narratives do not spell-out every detail of the narrative, instead, narratives rely on the elicitation of moral emotions from an…

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  • Christopher Reeve: A True Hero

    Christopher Reeve, Superman, once said “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” This shows that anyone who keeps going can be a hero, not just the people with the title and the cape. Reeve is saying that in order to be a hero all you have to do is persevere and endure overwhelming obstacles and do your best to reach the top. Reeve may have been a hero playing Superman in the movies, but in real life became a hero after…

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  • Isaac C. Parker: The Legend Of The Hanging Judge

    Legend of the “Hanging Judge” While in search of a piece of Arkansas history I came across a familiar name when research brought me to Judge Isaac Parker. Remembered today as the “Hanging Judge”, Isaac C. Parker had an impressive thirty-five year career in public service. He became a frontier attorney, later served as a city attorney, state judge, a two year term representative to Congress, and his most notable legacy as a federal district judge in Fort Smith, Arkansas for twenty-one years.…

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  • Becoming A Mother

    A lot can happen within sixty seconds which allows the possibility of life changing events that can impact our routines, values, beliefs and maybe the outlook on life itself. Some of which can have one feeling the need of self-reevaluation or soul searching. I sat at my desk while at work. Then, I received a short and rushed phone call from my sister. She had gone to a doctor’s appointment that morning for a routine pregnancy checkup. Unfortunately, her blood pressure was higher than normal, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Home

    Besides leaving my home country, it was the second hardest thing that I had to experience. I was seven years old and when my parents announced that we were moving to United States, frankly I was excited to see the USA. However, as time passed I started to miss my family back in Ecuador. When, I was in the airport saying goodbyes to friends and family members. I did not understand that I would not see them in again in five years. However, hearing the news that my abuelito had passed away in 2006.…

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  • Walpole In Mary Shelley's The Castle Of Otranto

    Frankenstein has been seen as evidence of her ‘illustrious imaginative powers’ (Bailey 22), Mary Snodgrass suggests that Walpole’s bad night explains the outlandish nature of Otranto. Some of the contemporary commentators on the novel also shared this opinion; one of Walpole’s friends, Gilly Williams, complained about the bizarre ‘wildness’ of the novel in a letter where he wrote ‘[Walpole] says it was a dream, and I fancy one when he had some feverish disposition in him’ (Walpole Letters 332).…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Kenya, Africa

    The lengthy, cramped, and quiet bus ride to Living Hope Day School both excited and terrified me. A never ending stream of “what if” questions rattling my brain caused me think twice about what I was doing there in the first place. I was a stranger to them, someone whom they knew nothing about. I gazed out the window, trying to calm my thoughts when I saw them. An endless sea of purple sweaters, and cheery faces lined the fence at the school. All of my previous doubts washed away when I stepped…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Opening Scene Analysis

    In cinematography you learn different ways to angle the camera, the lights just the right way to show you an entire chapter of a book in just a few frames, add a score to listen to the music and sounds and get your audience to feel the movie from their perspective. As a director they may not have the idea but they can show a thousand words in just one picture. That is key thing in videography is it has to capture, what the author writes they show with just one frame, weather it is to show a…

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