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  • Girl Beautiful Research Paper

    When I was twelve years old, my neighbour told me the only way I’d ever be beautiful would be if I started wearing makeup. It wasn’t uncommon for me to hear this- since about the age of nine, individuals had been telling me to dress better, fix my hair, and start shopping at more fashionable stores. Makeup was simply the newest weapon they could hurl at me, the best way for them to tell me that I did not conform to their standards of beauty. They hid insults within their helpful suggestions like one hides a knife within a cake, covering up their nasty commentary with flowery words and silky tongues. To be honest, it wasn’t just those directly around me either. Television suddenly became a dangerous minefield, attacking me without mercy. Perfect faces and skinny hips leered at me from advertisements, laughing at how I didn’t look like them, act like them, talk like them. Wherever I turned, it seemed like there was always something there, a constant reminder that I was not beautiful enough. Quite obviously, being bombarded with messages like that from society does wonders in crippling someone’s sense of self-worth, and how they perceive themselves. Girls are dieting, vomiting, and shaping themselves to fit these unattainable standards they see on television and billboards, at the cost of their health and overall well-being. And, in the end, the consistent barrage of negative messages aimed at young girls today directly stems into a shocking lack of self-esteem, particularly…

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  • American Beauty Standards

    Having an ideal body to fit the mold that society has placed on young women. Slender bodies represent beauty, intelligence and confidence while other body shapes exclude you from that title. It is well known that in American culture the beauty standard is set to a ridiculously high expectation. One that most women will never be able to accomplish without some sort of unnatural modification. And what is it that society continues to do? Social media, advertisements even the television programs we…

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  • Marketing Mix Of Nestle Romania

    Currently, Nestle Romania products are found on every shelf on every store and its portfolio of products includes the following products: 1. Breakfast Cereals: Nestle Fitness, Musli Tropical, Musli Classic, Lion, Cheerios, etc.; 2. Chocolate and cereal bars: Lion, Nesquick bar, Nestle Fitness, Lion, Kit Kat, etc. 3. Tea: Nestea is well known to Romanian Consumers. 4. Ice cream: Aloma, Best, Joe Ice Cream, Topgun, Nirvana. 5. Food: Maggi products and condiments are sold by Nestle…

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  • The Beatles And Rolling Stones Similarities

    The Beatles mostly sang about peace and love, experimenting with different concepts on the subject and various instruments. George Harrison introduced the sitar in some of their later albums. Originally, they started as a simple pop band and eventually grew and developed into a rock and roll band. Most of their fan base was composed of teenage girls, while the Rolling Stones attracted every one of every age. They would have to think of creative and clever ways to sneak lyrics about sex and drugs…

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  • Rolling Stones Influence

    The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. The band was formed in England in 1962 and is still together after over fifty years, giving it the record for longevity. Today the band has four core members, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, who have become huge, recognizable names in pop culture. Throughout their career the band released 29 studio albums and contributed many songs to the top of the music charts of many countries. Jagger and Richards…

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  • One Tree Hill Analysis

    “So make your wish, do you have it?” “ Good, now believe in it.” “With all your heart.” These were the last three lines of One tree hill, spoke by the three main characters. This is how they decided to end their saga. It is quite fitting if you are familiar in the show, they encourage you to chase your dreams regardless the obstacles, to keep fighting even when it is hard, and to never lose hope. That is why One tree hill is a success it's not afraid to be a one of a kind show and to encourage…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Influences

    Life Influences Everyone is born without an identity of who they are and it is slowly developed as we grow. From when we are born to grown adults we take in everything around us which molds and shapes into who we are. From everything in our lives we all have those couple of things which consider the biggest influences in our lives. Whether something as simple as a book, movie, family member, or a person we briefly knew that touched our lives like nothing else has. Personally a film and two…

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  • All The Pretty Horses Literary Analysis

    I believe that the novel “All the Pretty Horses” by Cormac McCarthy is a coming of age story about a young man who initially set out to make a life for himself in a land that wasn’t so industrialized and in turn grew up and lost his innocence. John Grady was a young, naïve 16-year-old who was unhappy with the way “his” country was changing, so he set off with his friend Rawlins on a quest to find a place he wanted to call home. John Grady had child-like ideations that, while he couldn’t find the…

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  • Summary Of The Novel 'The Boy Who Drew Monsters'

    Who Drew Monsters Will MacDonald The Boy Who Drew Monsters by, Keith Donovan, was a great read over the summer. Keith Donovan is an American novelist, the author of the national bestseller The Stolen Child, Angels of Destruction, and Centuries of June. This book takes place on the coast of Maine, in what the Keenan’s call their dream house. A young boy, Jack Peter Keenan lives alone with his two parents and is home schooled by his dad while his mom is at work . Jack Peter is trapped inside his…

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  • Jazz Music: Voodoo Rhythms In New Orleans

    “Miles Davis was at the forefront of multiple musical developments and the emergence of a plentitude of styles.” ( He launched the development of genres like: be-bop, hard-bop, cool jazz, free jazz, fusion, funk, and techno music. From his success many young artists gained fame. Some artists were: Wayne Shorter, J.J. Johnson, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Cannonball Adderley, and Keith Jarrett. In his lifetime he has received a Rock and Roll Hall of…

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