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  • Middle School Students Make A Difference Essay

    I once asked a close friend of mine, “How can a middle school student make a difference?” He simply answered, “ At our age, to make a difference we have to have a drive to make a change. You can’t just blindly run into world wanting to do something; you need a plan, determination, and confidence to know that you can make a difference.” I thought about what he said and realized he had a point. Kids my age are so concerned about the little things we never actually see the bigger picture; that there's something bigger than just dating, clothes and social media. We need to take the time to realize that we are so fortunate to have a roof over our head, a family that loves us, food on the table, and to be able to attend school. Did you know nearly a billion people entered the 21rst century not being able to read or even write their own names, and at least 10.9 percent of the population in 2015 was living in poverty, which is still increasing every day. People don’t understand that their lucky to get an education and to be so full their stomach hurts; all I’m saying is for us to make a difference they first have to make a difference in themselves. To realize that the life they are living isn't so bad at all. Every day that I walk into school, I motivate myself to greet anyone I meet with kindness, because they are fighting a battle I don't know anything about. It only takes one act of kindness to make a change, so let’s start small. If a person drops their books, don't walk past…

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  • Essay On Washburn Diversity

    I believe Washburn values diversity in many ways. There are many different kinds of people on campus and Washburn is just really friendly in general. Throughout campus, there are many people of different religion, culture, background, etc. Most won’t know this about others unless they take the time to meet somebody new or even meet them in a club here on campus. The most important part of the diversity statement to me is that they honor people of all kinds. They aren’t going to discriminate on…

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  • The Life Of A Business Manager

    The life of a Business Manager Danya was in Edmond, so she decided to stop by Alfredo’s. As soon as she walks into the restaurant, she immediately hears the sizzling of the meat being grilled. She makes her way to a table towards the back where the television is at. Danya gets a chip and before she puts it into her mouth, she dips it into the steamy queso that is sitting in front of her. Tiffany the manager of Alfredo’s spots Danya then makes her way towards her. Tiffany Ramirez chose to go to…

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  • Hushpuppy Character Analysis

    - Hushpuppy pulls the rope and blasts the levee. This is a hard decision for Hushpuppy to make since she has to take responsibility for whatever damage her action would bring to Bathtub afterwards. Her action allows her to later pass from Bathtub to the city refugee center. It turns out that the explosion and the decrease of the water level doesn’t help the village to get better and it even causes city people to find Bathtub and brings Bathtub people to the refugee center. Hushpuppy now…

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  • In The Game Of Tetriminos

    In collective action, however, each part is a person. While humans are certainly much more complex than blocks on a computer screen, tetriminos and individuals are surprisingly comparable. Each individual takes up a different space in society, fitting into different social roles. Likewise, each tetrimino fits into a different crevice because of its shape. Yet, like humans, tetriminos are all fundamentally the same; they are all made up of four blocks, pieced together in different ways.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At MTSU Jazz Music

    instrument amount was varied, but the expected Jazz instruments were all there: stand-up bass, piano, horn section, drums, etc. All of the woodwind players played different instruments throughout each piece. It was held in the T. Earl Hinton Music Hall in the Wright Music Building. Around 130 people were there. I never really know what to expect from school performances. I have never been to a completely Jazz concert before, and especially not one done by professionals. There were a lot more…

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  • The Lusitania Disaster

    as casualty is a important psychological concept that describes how the collective “culture attempts to heal the trauma through the process of regrouping, redefinition and renewal that results in a range of possible outcomes, from greater social cohesion and clarity of purpose at one end to intergroup conflict, institutional failure and social disintegration at the other” (Pastor, 2004 pg. 619). In both, The Lusitania disaster and the 9/11 attacks, the surprising attack and loss of American…

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  • Suggested Interview Report

    Suggested Interview Questions: 1. How did you first discover that you had this ability? When did it start? 2. How do you see the collective records? 3. What kinds of spiritual beings do you work with? Who are your Guides? 4. What’s the most profound personal experience you’ve had? 5. Why do you do this work? What is your mission? 6. What is the most consistent message you are hearing that is important for listeners to know? Topic, Title & Bullet Points: Clearing timelines through the…

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  • Components Of Effective Dialogue Analysis

    The scope of communication relies upon finding meaning within the words or signs portrayed. Often people have challenges in effectively communicating meaning to each other. Dialogue is the format of communication that most people seek but, find difficult to carry out on a day to day basis. Other components of dialogue such as listening, avoiding assumptions, collective thought, and dialogue culture all play a key role in defining dialogue itself. However, these components standing by themselves…

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  • Systems Thinking Research Paper

    Systems Thinking defines an organization as a social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or pursue collective goals. (Businessdictionary, 2016) The needs of an organization could be a financial, social, moral, or a combination of multiple needs. Nonetheless, a root word in word organization is, ation. Ation means the act or process of doing something. (Marriam-Webster, 2016) This root word creates an important distinction in the term, organization…

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