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  • My Experience On The Sea

    It was in January and I went with my family on a cruise. I finally had a chance to see my Brother and my nephew. It was the time of year that the water would be a really rough ride on the massive boat due to it being very very very windy. And it was the best week ever. It was fun because my brother and nephew live in Arizona and so we met in Florida and stayed in a hotel. The next morning I got up and we left to get on the boat it was about 3 hours to get there but it felt like 3 days. There we were on the boat thirteen stories high. It was about two hours until we left when we left they showed us around the boat because it was our first time and there 2 time.Then we ate up on the 10 floor. Then we left and then before we knew it it was 2 in the morning so we went to bed. Than it was the next morning and we got off the boat at our first stop at Nassau Bahamas. So we got off and it started to rain but we didn 't care we are on vacation and we don 't want to waste this day so we went to the beach and swam. After that we went to Atlantis and we swam with the dolphins. So then we got back on the boat because it was time. And the boat left the island and three hours later we found out that somebody on our boat missed it so they had to fly to the next island. It was the next day and we could get off the boat again. But this time it was at St. Thomas. So we got off the boat and got in a cab and went to a beach. I thought to myself I can finally have a Dr pepper because they don…

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  • Political Satire In Swing Vote

    and vote. He, on the other hand, is opposed to voting in general, on the conviction that his vote would not make any difference anyways. In the end he agrees to do his daughter, who is way more politically informed than he himself is, a favor, though that intention ends up in him spending the evening passed out in his car after getting drunk. This leads to Molly taking matters into her own hands, sneaking in to vote in her father's place – which, after an unfortunate event that causes the vote…

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  • X-Men The Last Stand Essay

    have been the performances, and that hasn’t changed here when it comes to my favorite actors and characters. The big three – Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Stearart and McKellen – all turn in very good performances. These three heavyweights do seem to take a step down in terms of the fun they’re having and their commitment to their roles, but they’re still a treat to watch. The same cannot be said for some of the smaller players. Halle Berry is finally given something to do as Storm, and she just…

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