My Experience On The Sea

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It was in January and I went with my family on a cruise. I finally had a chance to see my Brother and my nephew. It was the time of year that the water would be a really rough ride on the massive boat due to it being very very very windy. And it was the best week ever. It was fun because my brother and nephew live in Arizona and so we met in Florida and stayed in a hotel. The next morning I got up and we left to get on the boat it was about 3 hours to get there but it felt like 3 days. There we were on the boat thirteen stories high. It was about two hours until we left when we left they showed us around the boat because it was our first time and there 2 time.Then we ate up on the 10 floor. Then we left and then before we knew it it was …show more content…
After that we went to Atlantis and we swam with the dolphins. So then we got back on the boat because it was time. And the boat left the island and three hours later we found out that somebody on our boat missed it so they had to fly to the next island. It was the next day and we could get off the boat again. But this time it was at St. Thomas. So we got off the boat and got in a cab and went to a beach. I thought to myself I can finally have a Dr pepper because they don 't have it on the boat. So a few minutes later I saw a monkey and it was small. Before I knew it he was right next to me he was crawling on me and for a second he kept trying to get my Dr pepper and so his owner hit him so he would stop and the monkey bit my finger because he thought that I hit him. So I had to get like 5 to 10 shoots. And to this day so like 9 months I still can show you the bite mark. So after that we went to the beach and i couldn 't go in the water so i layed in the sun. we had about an hour and we left to get back on the boat and when we left i met this kid named Jacob and we spent 512 dollars in the arcade

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