A Hero's Journey Into The Sea Review

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The Separation
1. Call to Adventure- Marlin is a clown fish with a son named Nemo. Marlin constantly warns Nemo not to venture into the open sea because it is very dangerous. On Nemo’s first day of school, he was dared to go out to the open sea and “touch the butt” of the ship that was in the distance and then swim back. Before he was able to swim back, Nemo was scooped up by a scuba driver that would then bring him to a dentist office and Nemo would be put into a fish tank.

2. Refusal of the Call- Marlin is afraid of the many fears and challenges he will face in the big open sea but knows he has to face his fear if he wants Nemo back.

3. Crossing of the First Threshold/Belly of the Whale- Marlin faces his fears and follows the boat into the open sea. This is the first time he has done that since his wife was eaten. Marlin finds out that the ocean isn’t just
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Atonement with Father- This happened when Nemo says “That is my dad” when Marlin saves the school of fish, Nemo, and Dory. Marlin then feels like Nemo is happy to have Marlin as a dad and Marlin is happy he didn’t give up on searching.
4. Apotheosis- Marlin ends up passing through many obstacles that he thought he would never have to encounter and he ended up succeeding at all the obstacles. For example, when they escaped the sharks. He did also of this to save the one thing he loved the most, his son Nemo.
5. Ultimate Boon- Marlin and Dory meet Niguel the pelican and Niguel takes Dory and Marlin to the dentist office where Marlin sees Nemo. Nemo is playing dead but Marlin thinks that he is really dead. Nemo pretended to be dead so he could be flushed down the toilet and return to his father. He ends up going down where the patients spit into and ends up back into the ocean with Marlin and Dory.
The Return
1. Possible Refusal of Return- Marlin wants to keep Nemo in his sight forever and make sure he is safe all the time but he knows that Nemo has to learn to be independent and learn to live on his

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