Personal Narrative: My First Family Trip To Destin, Florida

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We went on our first family vacation! We went to Destin, Florida and to Pensacola, Florida. It was so amazing! All we did was relax the entire weekend. The best part about it was that the trip was very spur of the moment. We did not Plan for it at all. How cool is that? I never just get up and go so to us getting up and just going on our trip was very adventurous to us. I packed us up a few belongings around 9:30 on a Friday night and we were on our way to Florida. The Kids were so excited about the trip and I was too. I was probably a little more excited than they were because we were finally getting a new scenery.
The first night it took us about four hours to drive to Destin, Florida. It was the longest four hours. It was a nightmare once
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On our last day I had planned for us to go fishing. We love to go fishing! So we went searching for a bait shop and could not find one bait shop that had any fishing bait. After driving around some more, we finally found one with some very friendly folks. They suggested a few good fishing spots for us to go fishing. So we tried our luck and it was such disappointment. We didn’t catch anything but a cold. Even though we did not catch anything we really enjoyed just spending time with each other so that’s all that mattered to us. After a few hours of catching absolutely nothing, we packed our fishing poles and headed back home.
Our family vacation was awesome! Next time we go on our family vacation hopefully I can plan to stay for an extended stay. At least for about a week if not longer. I really enjoyed the beach, all the positive vibes, and all the diversity that Florida offers. Next time we plan to visit Orlando, Florida and Miami, Florida. I’m really looking forward to our next trip to Florida. Our spur of the moment trip was everything to

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