Keiko Yamada

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    Indiana State University, that were there for their music class like I was, however we did not treat the event like we were just there because we “had to be,” so we had something to write about for a grade. The entire audience was very respectful to the performers and the conductors. I noticed that during each performance, people in the orchestra would switch instruments, and the instruments that were the most important were towards the front if possible. During the performance of Cajun Folk Songs: I. La Belle at le Capitane, the saxophones were in the front, and after the performance, the alto saxophone soloist stood up and bowed in recognition of his excellent playing, as did the flute players who played the theme from Sunayama, by Keiko Yamada after the performance of Fantasy on a Japanese Folk Song. Even though these pieces were different and had no connection to one another in any way whatsoever, they were my favorites because they appealed to me more than the others in a musical, and more personal way. Cajun Folk Songs: I. La Belle at le Capitane appealed to me because of the alto saxophone solo in the piece;…

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