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  • Prosecution's Office At Work Case Study

    discretion with respect to the defense attorney? Discretion was very significant with respect to the defense attorney Davis because he know that some of the victims were never actually victims of Ray Buckey and Peggy Ann Buckey sexual escapade. However, I think most significant discretion is when prosecutor Glenn Steven revealed to the Local News Press that the McMartin case was falling apart for the prosecution team because of weak evidences and false claims by multitude of victims. 3. How did the defense attorney 's attitude change as the trial process progressed (cite specific examples)? Defense attorney Davis attitude change from nonchalant to confidence as the trial process progressed when the technique use by child therapist Kee Macfarlane to interview the kids of the McMartin preschool was receiving negative reviews by manipulated the kids to believing there were sexual intercourse was presents between them and Ray Buckey. Their confidence went even high as the trial begin to move forward when defense team found out about the prosecution withholding evidence about mental health status of Judy Johnson who originally made the allegations against the McMartin family. In addition to the Los Angeles, police department scandal that was preventing access to new evidences to clear Buckey name from any wrongdoing. 4. How was the defense attorney viewed by the prosecutor? By the press? By clients? The defense attorney Davis viewed by the prosecutor Rubin as an…

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  • American Dad Stereotypes

    American Dad is an animated sitcom by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker, and Matt Weitzman that started on Fox but was canceled July 16,2013 but was picked up by the cable TV station TBS for the 11th season. American Dad first aired on February 6,2005 right after Super Bowl XXXIX which was also the first time Fox called their animated programming Animation Domination. In 2005, in addition to American Dad, Animation Domination also included programs like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill.…

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  • Situational Comedy: Family Guy

    Family Guy is a situational comedy about a modern day cartoon family. This family is what most would call dysfunctional. Staring a father with a below average IQ and a peanut for a brain, a talking baby who plans on destroying his mother and ruling the world, a talking dog who thinks he is an author, a son who takes after his father with a well below average IQ, a daughter that everyone picks on and acts as if she doesn't exist, and a mother who is trying to keep everyone inline. Peter, the…

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  • Comparison Of Family Guy And The Simpsons

    Family Guy and The Simpsons are two American classics. The Simpsons first debuted in 1989, and Family Guy aired its first episode a decade later in 1999. Designed for audiences fourteen years old and older, both television series contain some forms of strong language, sexual content, and dialogue that would not be suitable for younger children. Both television series impacted the realm of comedy in a positive way by producing spin-offs of the original shows in years to come. Many people enjoy…

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  • Family Guy Stereotypes

    Belonging With Groups Being part of a group can be a good or a bad thing. The feeling that you belong in something can be fulfilling. In this assignment we will explore different types of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. I have chosen three TV shows: Family Guy, Simpsons, and The Cleveland Show. I have chosen animation TV shows because I have three small children and they love to watch these shows. Family Guy first aired in 2002 it is an adult animated sitcom. Created by Seth…

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  • Family Guy Sociology

    Family Guy is the show I have picked for my final. This show is an American adult animated sitcom created by Seth Macfarlane and is based off stereotypes and negative depictions of almost every aspect of life. It is centered on the griffin family that consists of the parents, Peter and Lois; their children Meg, Chris, and Stewie; and their talking dog, Brain. The Griffin’s are a model family but each member is complex, different, and yet noticeable individual. The whole show resides in Quahog,…

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