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  • My Passion To Study International Law

    “Home is where the hearts is”, my home is Kazakhstan one of the ex-soviet union countries where the collapse of the Soviet Union have a severe contradictory economic, social and legal effect on my homeland in spite of 24 years of Independence. My passion to study international law goes back to 1991, when the Soviet Union had collapsed, with Kazakhstan becoming an independent country. One of the aims of our first president was to build new international relations. I was four years old when I recall watching a news report covering an official visit of our president in UN assembly attempting to become one of the members of WTO. That was the moment I told my parents that I would be a great lawyer who could be present my country in WTO. As a child I did not really realise what being a international lawyer entailed. However, I knew the most important aspect was that international lawyers represent the home country abroad, negotiate politely about important trade issues, and always carry a briefcase. Since middle school I knew exactly what I would want to pursue after my high school graduation and this knowledge motivated me to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Law from T.Ryskulov Kazak New Economic University,…

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  • Expansion And Colonization

    Expansion and colonization were a major movement for many European countries. From the exploration of the sea to invasion of the land surrounding the borders, much was achieved. However, by taking a look at Willard Sunderland’s Taming the Wild Field and John C. Weaver’s The Great Land Rush it is obvious that not every empire’s approached colonization in the same way. Sunderland explores Imperial Russia while Weaver investigates the British Empire and the settlement of the United States of…

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  • Importance Of Health Care In Kazakhstan

    development of the country and recognition of the high level of the State. It strongly affects the society as it directly influences on citizens welfare. In the last decade, the government of Kazakhstan put much effort for raising the quality of healthcare services in our country, but despite the significant increment in indexes of citizen’s life expectancy there is still much work to do in order to make Kazakhstan healthcare system competitive with the top level countries. This article will…

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  • Urban Migration In Kazakhstan Essay

    In this essay I attempt to examine the relationships between rural-urban migration in modern day Kazakhstan using the case study of post- Socialist Kazakh Republic and Soviet Alma-Ata as its capital in the 1920s (Alexander, Buchli, and Humphrey, 16, 2007). Withstanding an era of emerging neoliberalism, urbanization and globalization, post socialist Kazakhstan’s urban landscape in the context of Almaty’s rapid urbanization had profoundly changed the experience of the city, precisely due to the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Hometown Is A Wonderful Country Kazakhstan

    My hometown is a wonderful country Kazakhstan, which is well known for its eventful history, distinctive culture and unique nature. Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country and the ninth largest in the world. Kazakhstan is the country, which has never attacked or tried to conquer foreign lands, however, other khanates attempted to gain our lands several times. Thousands of people struggled for freedom of our motherland, and many people died for the homeland’s futurity. During…

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  • Borat Documentary

    The simplistic definitions of what documentary and mockumentary are has caused audiences to become cynical to what truth there is in factual films. The film ‘Borat: Cultural learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan’ directed by Larry Charles also known simply as Borat combines both fact and fiction while using mockumentary styling. Documentary is described as a creative treatment of actuality. Mockumentary is known as a fictional narrative that takes the form of a…

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  • Greek Legal System Analysis

    The legal system of various countries relies upon the legal structure and legal traditions that have been recognized within that countries justice system. There is an historical attribute to many justice systems but many countries tend to navigate towards a modern way of operating. The customs and traditions these countries are accustomed to have evolved to address modern situations and therefore we will analyze the legal system of Greece and the country of Kazakhstan. Based on information…

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  • The Importance Of Kazakh Culture

    (Zimmermann 2015 par.1) claims that culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people that can be identified from language, religion, social habits, music and arts. During the soviet period, Kazakh culture was suppressed by the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) language and religion policy. Fireman 2006 (p1) emphasizes the language policy of the USSR “In the 1930s until the late 1980s, the Communist party (CPSU) actively promoted the Russian language as a common bond…

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  • Epistemology In Criminological Research

    Consequently, to articulate a new theory, some variables should be determined. The independent variables in this research is the Prison System (Probation Service) of Ministry of Internal Affairs. The latter is special subdivision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kazakhstan that responsible for applying the procedure of rehabilitative justice in prisons. Given procedures are employed with accordance to Kazakhstan’s laws of rehabilitative justice, in particularly, the code of Criminal…

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  • Importance Of Intercultural Communication

    I would like to complete a Master’s Degree program in Communication and acquire advanced knowledge of Intercultural communication field at one of the universities in the United States. Intercultural communication is a relatively new area of study that is vital to explore as the process of globalization keeps growing every day. I am confident that importance of international and intercultural communication cannot be overestimated nowadays. Kazakhstan, as any other country, is faced with…

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