My Passion To Study International Law

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“Home is where the hearts is”, my home is Kazakhstan one of the ex-soviet union countries where the collapse of the Soviet Union have a severe contradictory economic, social and legal effect on my homeland in spite of 24 years of Independence. My passion to study international law goes back to 1991, when the Soviet Union had collapsed, with Kazakhstan becoming an independent country. One of the aims of our first president was to build new international relations. I was four years old when I recall watching a news report covering an official visit of our president in UN assembly attempting to become one of the members of WTO. That was the moment I told my parents that I would be a great lawyer who could be present my country in WTO. As a child I did not really realise what being a international lawyer entailed. However, I knew the most important aspect was that international lawyers represent the home country abroad, negotiate politely about important trade issues, and always carry a briefcase. Since middle school I knew exactly what I would want to pursue after my high school graduation and this knowledge motivated me to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Law from T.Ryskulov Kazak New Economic University, …show more content…
Economics and social science have given me a deeper understanding of the world and my obligations in it, but understanding is not enough to be a lawyer. Hamlet’s question: “to be or not to be” is not actual nowadays, important to realize HOW to be. I want to improve and change the systems that directly impact people’s daily lives, their monthly incomes and prices on the markets. I may not be able to facilitate all the change I would like, but if I am capable to look back at the end of the duties and say I really gain something good to my country and to the world economy today, I am sure that I will be totally

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