Importance Of Health Care In Kazakhstan

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Priority – Health of the nation.

Healthcare is a very important sphere for the development of the country and recognition of the high level of the State. It strongly affects the society as it directly influences on citizens welfare. In the last decade, the government of Kazakhstan put much effort for raising the quality of healthcare services in our country, but despite the significant increment in indexes of citizen’s life expectancy there is still much work to do in order to make Kazakhstan healthcare system competitive with the top level countries. This article will first describe the most important reforms in the field of medicine since the dissolution of Soviet Union and then new innovative programs aimed at improving the health of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Since Kazakhstan become an independent country there were many reforms aimed at raising of quality of provided healthcare services. Preservation of health and guarantee of citizens’ welfare was defined as one of the key priorities in terms of program “Kazakhstan – 2030”. Great contribution to the development of medicine in the country has
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This means that our health institutions focused mainly on diagnosis and curing of illnesses but not very successful in preventing them. There already were some attempts to change this situation. In 2011, the Unified National Health System was established in Kazakhstan. Since that moment promoting the healthy lifestyle and ensuring that significant part of the population involved in the physical activity became an important priority. This is a very important part of a healthcare policy because the population of the country literally cures itself by a decrease in consumption of harmful goods and paying much attention to physical exercises. Such approach allows improving nation’s health indicators without spending a lot of money for the

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