Persuasive Essay On Bad Diets

“Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer” (Obesity). Obesity is one of the most common result caused by having bad diets. People mostly choose what is tasty and most of those delicious food are unhealthy. Moreover, they do not know what food plan is healthy; therefore the government should have a say in people’s diets. There many advantages by having the government decides people’s diets, such as getting healthier and knowing what can cause serious illness. Nevertheless, people often need advises to do the right things, so the government can give some healthy food plans for them to eat. Also, there are three reasons for the government control the diets, obesity, health problems and by having bad diets, it will affect other people.
Obesity is a big problem caused by bad diets. One problem for obesity is that fat people might interfere other people. The size of them are large; therefore they need more spaces than skinny people, and then they need to squeeze in huge crowed and it might make others feel uncomfortable. Also, big people take many spaces in other places, so it might cause some disputes because obesity. Besides
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Obesity is one of the most common problem that caused by unhealthy eating style. Also, many other health problems will appear if people do not care about what they eat. Furthermore, people who have poor diets can affect other people around them; therefore, it is important to have the government advises what food will be healthy to put in daily meal. “Understanding the ingredients that make up your diet” (The Risks of a Poor Diet and Being Overweight) is important for all people who want be get healthier. Knowing what is good for health and tasty is what people want, but most of them do not know what are the food. By having noticed by the government, people can get healthier and their lifestyle will be

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