Persuasive Essay About Fast Food

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Americas largest private employer is fast food restaurants. They look for people who are ready to work for part-time and for low wages. These people aren't usually educated and are unskilled. Teenagers are the perfect prey for these types of jobs. They work for low wages and they are young so have lot of energy. Lot of High School students start working part-time to earn some money so they could purchase some nice clothes and other unnecessary things. These students sometimes work twelve hour shifts and hurt their education. They don't spend enough time studying because they think they are making “real” money. Franchises got rich really fast back in 1990s. The franchisor basically wanted to make their business bigger but they did not want to spend any money. Thats how franchising started. An Individual would purchase the store, the brand and sell their products but that individual still had to pay rent so they did not really own it. This caused a major issue later on. The quality of the food went down significantly, because the major fast food were making more money from rent, they had no …show more content…
People back then just started getting into fast food after the WW2. The quote talks about frozen food a lot. Which currently is one of the biggest way we preserve our food. Freezing it keeps it fresh for an extended period of time. An farmer J.R. Simplot, who grew potatoes. He was one of the first farmers to invest in frozen food technology and that became really popular when he started selling frozen fries to McDonalds. This caused more than half of potato farmers from Idaho to give up. Frozen food changed the food industry a lot. Today lot of the food we consume is or was once frozen. This helps the food become more available to the people. On the other hand fresh fruit and vegetables are costly to grow without the extra chemicals, so people tend to not buy them. Unless they are the people who are concerned about their

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