Ethos In Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

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Introduction Ethos refers to the credibility of the author, any appeals that influence the target audience 's perception of the author 's credibility and authority on the topic are considered to be ethos. To make it easier to comprehend, does the advertisement seen trustworthy? But, ethos is a double sided blade, it can be established or destroyed in many different ways and depend on how you use it. It 's up to you to figure out how to effectively establish ethos. And what mistakes might damage your ethos? In "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser, Schlosser establishes his ethos by mainly using facts and backing it up with his opinions of the investigations. And by using facts, he also makes it easy for the audiences to see the importances …show more content…
Where an average guy could become a millionaire overnight. However, he suspects how the franchising got rich so fast in the 1990s. He identified it was because of the unfair business practices. And by doing that, they’ve limited the rights and freedoms of the franchisees. Still, Schlosser balances this critique using Dave Feamster at the beginning and ending the chapter. The reason he did that was because Feamster was certainly not as rich as the restaurant owners of the 1960s and 1970s, but he does very well. And unlike the franchising, he did not use unfair business practices. The irony is for someone who cheated to get where they are, the franchising did not do so well compared to Feamster.
The American Way "The American Way" formally introduce the beginning of the Fast Food Nation within the timeline of World War II era. In this section, he discusses each man 's rise to fame, and how they 've achieved it. It also is considered as the intricate, or the profitable methods of advertising to children. I don 't think Schlosser use the theme "The American Way" very effectively. You can see the connections to why he call it "The American Way", but in my opinions, it not very clear. There are still some holes in it. But the way he uses the Colorado Springs CO, make a very strong and effective argument point.
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In the comparison, he using facts, cause and effect to do it. Comparing is a very good way to organize the data in order to make it easy to comprehend. However, this comparison was high-strung and didn 't have much purpose, other than inciting emotion in the reader. Schlosser 's invocation of The Jungle was a disturbing reminder that nothing has changed since then.
Chapter Ten Las Vegas was where he spent 3 years researching this book. "The fulfillment of social and economic trends now sweeping from the American West to the farthest reaches of the globe." Schlosser listened to Mikhail Gorbachev speak about Russia in the aftermath of the Cold War. Schlosser noted on how Gorbachev 's presence was displaying a leader in a captured land.
The Soviet Communism 's collapse has allowed the mass spread of American goods and services, especially fast food. Because of that, countries around the world are catching up with America 's rising obesity rates. And while McDonald 's has tried to corporate healthy food into its menu, the attempts was unsuccessful. Schlosser also mentions the presence of American fast-food restaurants and obesity in Great Britain and

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