Persuasive Essay On Pizza

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With hunger in mind, my friends and I contemplated where to go to feast on a delicious cheesy slice of pizza. Without hesitation, someone suggested we head over to Crestwood to indulge in Nonna’s “world’s biggest slice” of pizza. As we walk into the establishment, a lengthy line awaits us. This isn’t surprising considering you can purchase a large slice of pizza with a drink for only five dollars. An array of pizza’s sit on display behind glass, enticing each customer as they wait. The selection of pizza’s comprises of pepperoni, meat lover’s, cheese, and supreme. Also offered is the gooey, buttery crusted, Chicago style deep dish pizza. Each slice is built upon approximately an inch of doughy crust, and is topped with tangy tomato sauce and rich mozzarella cheese. …show more content…
Also worthy of a mention is their 3 foot long “stadium size” pizza. At 20 dollars, this is advertised as their best value item. While waiting in line we catch sight of a patron in the midst of the infamous “Nonna’s Challenge”. As if the single one third slice isn’t colossal enough, the challenge requires you to eat two thirds of a pizza. Each participant is given half an hour to attempt the challenge, and is awarded with a t-shirt if they are successful. The “Nonna’s Challenge” is a paradigm of over indulgent portion sizing. The concept of food challenges are positively reinforcing the negative habit of overeating. This is typical of many restaurants across America. In order to take a stand against the obesity crisis, we must begin to promote smaller portion sizes by implementing standardized portion guidelines for all

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