Papa John's Pizza Chain Analysis

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In the comparison of the 3 aforementioned pizza companies, Little Caesars, Papa John’s Pizza, and Pizza Hut, they share a number of similarities and differences in the individual elements of their operational strategy.
For Little Caesars Pizza, being the world’s largest carry out pizza chain (Little Caesars, 2016), staying in that position means competitive priorities must be a core part of their operations strategy. For cost, Little Caesars Pizza features promotions on their website to offer their products at a competitive price to consumers (Little Caesars Pizza, 2016). With quality, Little Caesars Pizza states they are focused on “providing top-quality pizza made with fresh ingredients” (Little Caesars Pizza, 2016). Time is where Little
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Papa John’s Pizza takes is competitive with cost by having a section of their website focused on available special offers (Papa John’s Pizza, 2016). Quality is the greatest strength that Papa John’s Pizza has compared to rivals, as the management team makes it the main focus on what they strive to achieve with the pizzas that they sale, promising to customers that they “invest in our ingredients to ensure that we always give you the finest quality pizza” (Papa John’s Pizza, 2016). Time as not a key focus for Papa John’s Pizza, as their main focus is on always delivering a quality pizza (Papa John’s Pizza, 2016). Finally, Papa John’s Pizza is flexible in a number of ways by allowing customers to place orders online and via mobile applications, and offering a wide variety of ways for the pizzas they sale to be customized (Papa John’s Pizza, …show more content…
With cost, Pizza Hut strives to over this as their greatest strength, with pricing promotions being the main draw for customers to view on their website (Pizza Hut, 2016). When it comes to quality, Pizza Hut makes it one of their main promises to customers, stating that “we don’t settle for anything less than food we’re proud to serve” (Pizza Hut, 2016). Although Pizza Hut offers the ability to order ahead when placing orders for delivery or carryout (Pizza Hut, 2016), time is not touted an advantage as much compared to rival chains such as Little Caesars Pizza (Little Caesars, 2016). Finally, Pizza Hut is a leader when it comes to flexibility, with the ability to customize pizzas over the phone, online, and even on video game consoles (Pizza Hut,

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