The Best Pizza In The World By Elizabeth Gilbert

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Traveling can bring surpassing excitement as it creates an abundance of lasting memories. Elizabeth Gilbert in her essay, "The Best Pizza in the World" explains the memories she created while traveling in Naples. While staying in Italy, Gilbert felt like she was trapped and not actually traveling. Therefore, Gilbert called her friend and set up the Naples trip in hopes of creating something memorable. On the trip Gilbert witnessed the shocking, but yet amazing culture and ate the best pizza in the world. Gilbert exemplifies that traveling is an intense personal experience as it takes the exploration of new environments and the thrill of trying new foods and turns them into vivid memories that will never be spoiled.
For people like me and Gilbert,
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The flavor of something new fills the mouth with every bite and every little trinket within the meal can be distinguished. A swarm of happiness emerges as all the problems that could be ahead are forgotten. An example of this experience would be the Garrett Popcorn shop I went to while in Chicago, which contained the best popcorn ever created. My personal favorite was the caramel covered with its crunchy texture and sweet flavor which floods your mouth, but the cheese corn came in at a close second. Therefore the best option for me to do was just grab the Chicago mix which combined the two flavors into one amazing bag of deliciousness. Or the time I had Chicago style pizza. I had almost the exact same experience as Gilbert, except instead of Naples pizza I heard that Chicago style was the best pizza and that I must try it. I arrived at Giordano's (the pizza restaurant) with the most savage of hungers and was ready to go. I tried three different kinds of pizza - the cheese, pepperoni, and finally the meat lovers. Though all the deep dish pies were tremendous with their glazed brown crust and sauce smoothly layered on top, the meat lovers pizza was my favorite. The comely toppings exploded into the air and you could taste each one with every bite. The spicy Italian sausage had juice squeeze out between your …show more content…
Gilbert did not care that people could be rude or if the atmosphere was appalling as she could find beauty and excitement no matter what and just enjoy her time. It does not matter if “[the] punk little grammar-school girl… flipped [her] the finger” for she also flashed a “charming smile as she drove by” (Gilbert 157). For me, I had this kind of experience when in Washington DC. In DC I had an unpleasant encounter with a man who happened to be on the run from the police. This man was sprinting straight at me before a policeman reached him first and tackled him. That experience was certainly strange and unnerving. For a moment there I believed that I could become seriously hurt or caught up in the middle of something incredibly dangerous. Now, despite it being my first day in DC and that being my first impression, I found DC to be a fair amount of fun. Instead of worrying something like that could happen again, I was able to laugh about the experience and continue on with my day. In fact, it made a great story to tell afterwards. Another example was that when I was in Chicago the place I stayed at did not have much food to eat. Which is fine and I will be grateful for what I was given, but when you are working all day you obtain a strong hunger. Being hungry and then not having anything to eat after a long day made me frustrated. However, I did not let this bring me down and I still had an immense amount of

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