Possible Solutions To The Obesity Problem In America

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Obesity in America becomes a more relevant issue as time progresses and people develop terrible habits. Yvette C. Terrie, a writer from U.S. News Health states, “In the past two decades in the United States, there 's been an alarming increase in obesity rates among all age groups, even children. It 's estimated that more than one-third of adults and 17 percent of children and adolescents are obese.” These numbers are alarming because of the massive amounts of health problems that obesity causes such as diabetes, Coronary artery disease, and cancer (Terrie). Although it may not seem like it, some obese people have diseases or health complications that result in excessive overweight. Some known causes of obesity are calorie intake, genes, family …show more content…
Some Americans think that it is the food industry’s fault to why America is getting fatter and fatter each year. There is some partial truth to this thought. A handful of manufacturers are not honest to what is really in their products. A solution that would help this problem is to get the food industry to promote healthier food consumption to individuals. Now the main issue in obesity is the consumer of the food. A person has a choice to decide healthy or unhealthy and how much they consume in each sitting. As Verduin, Agarwal, and Waltman state, “Consumers need clarity and reliable nutrition information to make responsible dietary decisions.” This statement helps people realize that they are not educated enough to even know the difference in what is healthy and what is harmful to their …show more content…
Also, if consumers new what they were eating that was making them gain this extra weight, they would most likely not want to continue eating that product. “Industry can create new products that meet individual nutritional needs, reformulate existing products to be healthier, and provide controlled portion sizes” (Verduin, Agarwal, Waltman). This solution would be a great contribution to society because everyone is different and our bodies react in many ways. If the food industry were to aid to individual needs, the person could even feel as if its made just for them as an individual. Also, If the food industries were to keep posting the calories on a menu, that helps a person to see how much they are consuming. There are some cases where the consumer is so caught up in food due to stress, depression, or even just because they have no self control and become obese because of these issues. Another easy solution to help end obesity is exercising daily. Humans don’t realize that their bodies need a work out to burn off all those extra calories that are not need in the

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