The Pros And Cons Of Health Care In Canada

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Most people do not plan on getting sick or getting injured, but when they do they have to find affordable ways to seek care. Around the world, one might find that healthcare is presented in various ways in different countries. For example, the health care in the United States and the health care in Canada. These two counties are not easily compared, they are different in the way healthcare is funded, the population it is being delivered to, health outcomes, and health care resources.
Starting in 1968, the federal government agreed to pay around half of the Medicare costs in Canada which created the Canadian care system. The Canadian health care system is a universal system which means it provides coverage to all citizens in Canada. Under
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1). With the cost being so high, the money the government is spending health care can cause a negative effect on the national debt and make healthcare less affordable. The United States spends roughly $10,000 per person and has a population of 320 million people living in the country. The U.S. healthcare system is mainly funded by private insurances, government insurance programs, and from people themselves that are paying out of pocket. The U.S. health care has been a debatable issue for the past few years. The leading recommendation, in this case, is that the United States either needs to continue maintaining a private insurer fee for service care system or they need to completely move to a nationalized health care model. This results in a more similar type of care, for instance Canada’s healthcare system. The Canadian care system seems to do more for less, unlike the U.S. …show more content…
The life expectancy rate is lower in the United states due to three major factors, obesity, smoking, and hypertension. The obesity rate is about 70% in the United States versus 52% in Canada. Each year The gap in the infant mortality rate and the life expectancy between Canada and the United States has increased over the years.
Both countries share values in the way they aid in healthcare. Weather it is by regular check ups, visits to the clinic, or emergency aid that requires you to stay under extensive observation. These healthcare services are provided by being categorized into two different medical categories. For instance, inpatient care is when the individual from a trauma incident or from serious ailments, need to be observed for over a night or more at a hospital. Outpatient care occurs when an individual does not require an overnight observation at any given

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