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  • Fishing Vs Fishing Essay

    Fishing at Oxford Dam: Boat vs. Inland Most people never think about choosing the best place to go fishing and if the location will be good for boat or inland fishing. In many fishing locations such as Oxford dam–Taylorsville, North Carolina, being a place that many people go fishing inland or in a boat. Many things that people think about such as the location that you can go, the Safety of fishing, and if it is crowded when going fishing in which may things that cause a person to think whether to go fishing in a boat or inland. The first thing that separated fishing in a boat from inland at Oxford dam is the location that you can go fishing at. Fishing in a boat is one of the best things to have when fishing in a big body of water such as Oxford because many bodies of waters connected into one, making the location of fishing one of the best way to fish. Oxford dam is a place that many people go…

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  • Saltwater Fishing

    The fishing line you use in freshwater cannot do well when you’re out in the ocean. This realization hit me one time I got invited to a saltwater adventure. As this body of water is practically endless, the fish have varying weights. They can be as long as your thumb or as heavy as a toddler. You can never assume the size you’ll catch, but you bet I didn’t get any when I took the line for lakes that day. This is enough reason for you to learn how to select a saltwater fishing line properly.…

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  • Essay On Saltwater Fishing

    Freshwater Lakes vs. Saltwater Ocean Fishing During this paper, I will be discussing the differences between freshwater and saltwater fishing along with the similarities. Although, these too types of fishing are very similar because in the end your goal is to catch the fish but the huge difference between the two are the types of fish you will catch in the ocean compared to fresh water. Also, the different types of lures, line, rods, and gear hope you enjoy. The majority of anglers…

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  • Fishing In America Essay

    been fishing, not only for fun, but as a source of food? The answer, thousands of years, in “Egyptian artwork from 2000 B.C. shows people fishing” ( Hopkins 6). It is surprising, yet understandable knowing that even ancient people fished. It would of been an easy source of food. The lakes, rivers, streams, etc. were all full of a diverse population of fish, which would of made fish an easy meal to catch and eat. They were the first people to begin fishing so the population of the fishing in…

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  • Essay On Bass Fishing

    Catching the Biggest Best Bass Bass fishing can be one of the most rewarding pastimes that any fisherman can take up. There are many kinds of bass fishing accessories, but you do not need all these fancy gizmos, bells and whistles to be a successful bass fisherman. You just need to learn a few tricks, a few secrets to catching the biggest, best bass. Anyone can enjoy the excitement and passion that arises from trying to entice bass onto your line, plus bass fishing is also quite an affordable…

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  • Informative Essay On Fishing

    definitely have to be Bill Dance. I chose Bill Dance because he is one that has made my fishing life easier and taught me many things on fishing as well. Bill Dance is someone almost any other fisherman would look up to. Bill knows anything and everything there is to know about bass fishing and more. I chose Bill because being able to fish with someone as skilled as he is would be a dream come true not only because he knows how to fish as well as anyone else, if not better, and he knows where to…

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  • Telescopic Fishing Essay

    Title: Helpful Guide in Determining which is the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Meta-Title: The Best Telescopic Fishing Rod Helpful Guide Meta-Description: This best telescopic fishing rod guide will make your fishing activity fun and worry-free. Are you in search for the best telescopic fishing rod? If so, then you are at the right page. Telescopic fishing rods have become very popular for many anglers. There are two reasons why – one is because it is affordable and second it is easy to carry…

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  • Research Paper On Fishing

    normal routine of the bass. With the fishing trip dampened what do you do? How can you still catch fish? What are the types of fishing technique to coax a fish into biting? Water temperatures are down as winter approaches. Instead of putting up the rod how about trying a different tactic? Switch to finesse fishing. Finesse means to do something in a subtle or delicate manner. In the fishing community everyone knows just by the word of finesse that retrieval will be slow. As in the…

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  • Fishing Observation Report

    Annual International Sportsmen's Exposition is returning to Cal-Expo in Sacramento Jan. 21-2. The show includes everything outdoors: travel, lodges and resorts; fishing and hunting outfitters and guides; fishing and hunting gear; boats and marine accessories; ATV's; 4x4 trucks; RV's and campers; and much more. There will be an off-road vehicle test track and, as always, the Youth Fair, where many free events and giveaways will be available for the youngsters. More information on the show will…

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  • The Alaskan Fishing Industry

    Over the last century, fishing in Alaskan waters has suffered its ups and downs. More than a hundred years ago, there was an abundance of thriving, healthy fish in the Atlantic waters of Alaska. However, around the turn of the 20th century, that changed drastically. Due to actions both caused by both man and nature, the fish population was drastically reduced and the fishing industry suffered major losses. Several factors contributed to the problem and the Alaskan fishing industry suffered…

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