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  • Pros And Cons Of The Five Paragraph Essay

    Five Paragraph vs. Essais From a young age, I have always considered an essay to contain five paragraphs. Starting in elementary school I learned that an essay consists of five paragraphs, and from then on out that is the outline for an essay that I used in my writing. I used this outline in many situations, such as simple warm ups in class to get started to much bigger things like the SAT and AP testing. Reading Paul Lynch’s, “The Sixth Paragraph Essay: A Re-Vision of the Essay,” has given me a different perspective on the five paragraph essay. Lynch’s article is informative and persuasive about other essays, such as Michel de Montaigne’s; however, he does not give enough credit to how useful the five paragraph essay actually is for beginner writers. Lynch talks about other writing that some people believe is better than the five paragraph essay. One of those other writings is the writing from Michel de Montaigne, who was considered the inventor of the essay. He wrote…

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  • Discourse College Reflection

    For example, reading discourse and the Tapp article I learned that I definitely have a lot more to learn before I can sincerely understand the vocabulary and content. My first paper I wrote as a college freshman was in Intro to American Government about federalists vs. anti-federalists, I learned after reading the Diaz article that college professors don’t necessarily want their students to use the format we were taught in high school. This is completely new to me, figuring out how to write…

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  • Five Paragraph Essay On Marijuana

    Invention and Organization Writing the five paragraph essay Topic Search I would like to write about “the legalization of Marijuana for adult Americans” My opinion is that “Marijuana use should be made legal for adult Americans”. The opposing view here is that the Marijuana is a drug and therefore the ban must stay if we do not want a complete breakdown of moral values in the younger generation” I justify my stand firstly by analyzing how the crackdown on Marijuana has benefitted America. I…

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  • How To Improve Writing Skills

    significantly. In fact, I am currently at a point in my life where my writing has never been better. The three key elements that have enhanced my writing the most are the five-paragraph essay format, supporting every sentence with specific details, and incorporating Paper Rater’s comments as I revised my drafts. The five-paragraph format taught me the structure and organization that is needed within an essay. In the past I always used a three-paragraph essay format, but it considerably lacked…

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  • Reflection On Personal Reflection

    writing whatsoever. It is easy for me to think of what I am going to write about, but difficult to begin the writing process. In my opinion my writing process improved a little. Now looking back at the first day versus today 's date, I am glad I proceeded with the class. It has taught me not to be afraid of writing and to be confident in my work. All my essays were difficult for me to write. When it comes to writing I am too hard on myself. I can finish writing a whole paragraph or two, only…

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  • Formulaic Writing

    conventions, pervade everything we do” (Graft & Birkenstein 1). Instead of viewing formulaic writing as a standard concrete outline, they present us with the idea that formulas are simply guidelines to accomplishing something. Therefore, methods should not have the potential to restrict a person’s identity or inspiration nevertheless, if they lack the understanding or struggle to express themselves, then a structure like the five-paragraph pedagogy should be used for assistance. This should not…

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  • Importance Of English Honors Essay

    to my surprise the class was not that easy as I thought it would have been. Moreover, prior to my honors class in sophomore year my freshman English class was more about grammar so we never wrote essays that would prepare us for future writing classes because it was assumed we knew how to write one already, but when I got to English honors writing essays is all we did. I dreaded going to my English honors class every day, because I felt that no matter how hard I tried writing a good paper it…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Writing Expository Class

    difficult to understand what they were asking me to write about. As a writer, I would take hours thinking about how to begin a paragraph or what it should be about. I am an extraordinary reading, but when it comes to writing, my writing skills and language skills aren’t the best. I lack the ability to write effective sentences or paragraphs and my topics would be slightly off. In high school, I was taught to start with a hook in the first paragraph. Afterwards, I need to write about the hook by…

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  • Procrastination: The Importance Of Being In High School

    part and redoing it or just rearranging the order of my paper. Whatever it was, I always had to make changes to my papers. My first draft never looked like my final paper. That was a lesson that made me a stronger writer. MAJOR KEY #3: Scrap the Five Paragraph Essay Format. If you’re like me, most likely you went to a high school that put a huge emphasis on five paragraph essays. At some point you start doing so many papers in this format that you become really skilled in it. You’re able to…

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  • The Importance Of Technical Reasoning

    the timeline that I have to complete this assignment by. Technical Reasoning: The terms I found for technical reasoning were; write a 5 paragraph essay, and the format is precise. I will definitely have to use technical reasoning so that I don’t write too much for this essay. I will delete any information that is not needed that may distract from the assignment. Confluence: The terms I found for confluence were; brainstorm and originate. Confluence will help me construct the essay and…

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