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Personal Reflection When I first got assigned to ENGL 1301 I was quick to assume that the class was just going to consist of a lot of reading and taking a quiz at the end of each reading material. After reading the syllabus, I was honestly scared of proceeding with the class. I am not good at writing whatsoever. It is easy for me to think of what I am going to write about, but difficult to begin the writing process. In my opinion my writing process improved a little. Now looking back at the first day versus today 's date, I am glad I proceeded with the class. It has taught me not to be afraid of writing and to be confident in my work. All my essays were difficult for me to write. When it comes to writing I am too hard on myself. I can finish writing a whole paragraph or two, only to press the backspace bar and delete my work. When it came to writing my first essay I did not turn it in on time because I was not confident in my writing. In the first essay, I had to analyze every question I was asking myself. It was easy for me to answer the question, but hard for me to actually go more into detail about the answer I had given. The revision to my last essay was a lot more easier than my three other ones. I knew exactly what I wanted to change in my writing. It was easy for me to spot an error whether it was grammar,
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I had a lot of weaknesses to improve on. One of them was learning not to use contractions in my essays. It was so easy for me to just type "It 's" instead of taking one second to just split up the words and make it " it is". Another weakness I had was MLA citation. I would go back and review notes on how to get my format right and I still would not get it right. I also would not ask any questions or for help. I lacked in communicating with my teacher about what I could do to improve my

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