Five Paragraph Essay On Marijuana

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Invention and Organization
Writing the five paragraph essay
Topic Search I would like to write about “the legalization of Marijuana for adult Americans”
My opinion is that “Marijuana use should be made legal for adult Americans”. The opposing view here is that the Marijuana is a drug and therefore the ban must stay if we do not want a complete breakdown of moral values in the younger generation”
I justify my stand firstly by analyzing how the crackdown on Marijuana has benefitted America. I feel that the criminal ban on Marijuana has not benefitted Americans in any way. When President Reagan wanted to declare a war on drugs, he was advised to take on Marijuana by his advisors. This was the most populist step against drugs which could be taken at the time, since Marijuana was
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d) Marijuana cultivation as per science will provide jobs or ways to earn.
3. Marijuana banning leads us to spend billions of dollars every day on our prisoners.
a) The US has the largest population in jail/ total population ratio in the world.
b) Legalizing marijuana will bring respite to this expenditure which has a ROI of zero.
c) Persecution of blacks by white policemen will stop to some extent.
d) When a user of marijuana (in his college days) can become president, another can be jailed for 10 years for using the same thing. This is absurd. Today almost all presidents have acknowledged their use of marijuana when in their teens or early twenty’s.
From the above, we have shown the blunder of populist policies which banned marijuana, instead of taking strong steps against the other more toxic drugs. Legalization of Marijuana will play a big role in decreasing our incarcerated population. Employment opportunities can be made possible in the marijuana industry. Finally, our racial conflict will also be somewhat mollified. Therefore, the legalization of Marijuana should be brought about as soon as possible in the USA.

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