How To Improve Writing Skills

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At the beginning of the semester I did not expect to strengthen my writing skills because I thought that I was just taking an easy English 101 class. However, that was not the case because I learned how to write papers in ways that I never even thought of before. Everything that I learned improved my writing in the past significantly. In fact, I am currently at a point in my life where my writing has never been better. The three key elements that have enhanced my writing the most are the five-paragraph essay format, supporting every sentence with specific details, and incorporating Paper Rater’s comments as I revised my drafts. The five-paragraph format taught me the structure and organization that is needed within an essay. In the past I always used a three-paragraph essay format, but it considerably lacked the thorough description and effectiveness exemplified in the five-paragraph essay format. I did not …show more content…
This has been the most crucial aspect of my writing in English 101 because I struggled with writing generalized sentences that needed valid information. I did not realize exactly what I was doing until my instructor made a comment on my Process Analysis paper that stated, “How do you know this? Distracted drivers act as if they…” For the first time I began to understand the difference between a vague sentence and a supported sentence, which influenced my writing to be more detailed than before English 101. I enjoyed writing the Process Analysis paper the most because it was a creative essay and it was my first experience with writing antitheses. I realized that it is crucial to provide supporting information in my writing so that my essays are credible instead of opinionated. By providing supporting evidence to sentences my writing no longer contained awkward bits of information, but rather straightforward and comprehensive

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