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  • Gone Fishing Research Paper

    Gone Fishing! I think every day and say “What are childhoods?” Childhoods can bring back memories that can be funny or profound. Today, I would like to tell you about the childhood memory I experienced. In the mind of others, it was the funniest time of their life, but not mine. Now I learned from my memory and hope you do to. So let’s get started. Before this happened we woke up, went to breakfast at the Harbor, and then went out and at the same time was listening to “Who let the dogs out.” It turned out to be a normal day out on Lake Cumberland until I threw my fishing rod into the water. No one was looking which was bad and good at the same time. It all started when I felt a fish bit at the ramp to get to the lake. I thought it was a turtle so I freaked out. Well it wasn’t. I was having the time of my life and this…

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  • Process Essay: The Process Of Catching A Fish

    life is so straightforward. There will always be complexity or obstacles when trying to complete any goal. The fishing trip was on the first Friday of April around four o’clock in the afternoon. Spring had just arrived, so the weather was perfect for a light jacket. There was a slight breeze that wisped across the water, and that along with the water’s waves, caused droplets to be toss about. The crashing sound of waves hitting the pier, calls of seagulls, rumbling of golf cart engines, and the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Outdoors

    The Outdoors I believe in the outdoors. It has been an escape from reality for me. I am very thankful that I was taught at such a young age about hunting and fishing. The countless memories and time spent with the people that share the same passion that I do. When I first learned to walk, my grandpa taught me about the outdoors. I can still remember my first fishing pole; it was a Pfluger painted burnt orange on a 6ft’6in’’ Berkley lightning rod. The amount of time I spent practicing casting…

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  • Fly Fishing Research Paper

    fly fishermen by fly fishing experts. Everyone might have a difference of opinion but they know what they are talking about and have the experience to back it up. I have compiled a list of some great blogs and web pages that are probably better than this one. I won’t mention some of the giants such as Orvis, Sage, or field and Stream; they already have tons of recognition for their contribution to the sport (lifestyle) of fly fishing. If you write, then these are great for inspiration. If you…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life Of A Fish

    larger than it looked from far away when it first jumped out of the glistening water. We pulled the fish in the boat and took a good amount of pictures before returning it to the water. My grandfather said “wow That thing was massive, I have never caught something that big.” As we returned to the cabin with only a couple walleye and one bass my family were wondering if we caught anything big, and that's when I showed them all the pictures of the massive northern pike I had caught. They were…

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  • Case Study Of Smoked Sea Bass Fish

    Smoked Sea Bass Fish Ingredients required: 1. Sea bass – 4-5 lbs, skin-on fillets 2. Water – 1 quarter 3. Salt – 1 cup 4. White granulated sugar – 1 cup 5. Paprika – as per taste Instructions to follow: 1. Dissolve salt and sugar in the brine over a low heat. 2. Let the mixture set to cool. 3. Take Sea Bass, remove fillets and rinse under running water properly. 4. After rinsing, let the fish rest in brine and kept in fridge for at least 6-10 hours. 5. Preheat the smoker and add the wood…

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  • The Great Catch Essay

    The provision of the great catch is one that will be embedded within my memory for as long as I live. It is a lesson that reminds me of what God was doing in my life early in my walk with him. In this lesson, the disciples had been fishing all day and night and it was now morning. Exhaustion frustration, and hunger had set in. The lack of a catch equaled the lack of harvest and the lack of selling in the market place. Which in-turn would cause insufficient funds! Does this sound like any of…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Fishing Research Paper

    The Unequipped Fisherman Fishing on my families 14 foot aluminum boat at Lake Ponemah, I encountered an evasive pike who evaded capture because I failed to prepare the necessary fishing equipment. I was about 8 years old at the time, but I remember every detail; from the exact time my brother father and I entered the boat, to the tree on our lucky island. I recall pulling up near the superstitious island, and dropping anchor while I gathered my preferred equipment. During my first cast, I…

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  • My Fishing Experience-Personal Narrative

    Fishing was something that used to not interest me, I am not a huge outdoorsman. I used to love it when I was a kid but then it tailed off and I didn’t find it as exciting. Recently I have started to find a love and passion for fishing and for one reason. One memory sticks out in my mind from when I used to fish as a young buck. My arms are burning from holding my pole for what seems like an eternity. The chilly breeze hit my face, and it sent a chill down my spine. It was the perfect day for…

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  • Henry And Ribsy Summary

    4th Book Report Henry and Ribsy was written by Beverly Cleary. This fiction book has 187 pages. Henry is a friendly boy with a dog named Ribsy who lives on Klickitat Street. One day Henry and his dad went to the Service Station, Henry got to ride up in the car on a grease rack. While Henry was up on the grease rack a policeman pulled up and he went into the store. Once the policeman had gone into the store Ribsy got the police man's lunch and ate it. When the police man came out he chased Ribsy…

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