Scout Monologue

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Most people might say that a scout is rowdy and out of order; there is no doubt they are absolutely right. To spend an entire week with eight of them, that's something. We all met in a parking lot excited, with our bags that contained pretty much anything you would never give to a group of 12 year-old boys. We’d go over what we packed: pocket knife, candy, mallet, slingshot, etc. We load up the cars and split up into two groups one in each car. Along the way we played stupid games such as “license plate” and things like that. If you spotted something you would punch another person in the thigh. We finally the campsite, but by our luck it’s pouring. Almost dropping to our feet from the unexpected pain from being punched in the thigh. We drag …show more content…
When the lifeguard's face grew a bright mischievous smile I knew what was next. "Now you have to capsize, flip your kayak over, and get back in." For some reason that seemed frightening at first I don't know why, the water is warmer than yesterday and it's not raining. Maybe it was the thought of not knowing what's beneath me. Whatever the reason it made me hesitant along with everyone else. Out of nowhere the daredevil side of me that allows me to ride the awesome roller coasters makes me build up courage. I put my paddle to the starboard side and leaned port, my kayak flipped while on its side I slid out of the cockpit and pushed off. I surfaced with excitement and pride now I had to flip it back over.
The lifeguard taught us two methods of flipping your kayak, one was to dunk down under it and push it or you go under and get in the cockpit and flip it back over, the second one is more fun. So I wanted to try it, I slid in the cockpit and with my adrenaline I had to thrust to the side. It felt like a cork screw on a roller coaster, when I came up everyone looked at me with excitement and all around me people started to
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You have someone carving a stick, another starting a fire, another building a fort out of sticks. That night everyone went to bed around five o'clock for two reasons, one to catch up on our sleep and that we've learned our lesson of not staying up extremely late and getting up really early.
More days past and with more and more classes and not showering for multiple days on end. Until it came to Thursday, today we were going small boat sailing, we have the first aid and all that, and then we have a science lesson on the wind and the way to position your boat to catch the most speed. Then how to set up the mast and boom connect the main sheet and put down the Rutter. After what seemed like a college lecture we had our shore leave, we followed what the instructor said then we saw their boat leave

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