Roof Rack Research Paper

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When an true epiphany hits it's never a quiet or subtle event, it strikes you like an elephant falling through the ceiling. Surprising in its action, and befuddling in its reason. Its a very rare occurrence and should never be taken lightly or dismissed without pondering it for what it is. Spiritual folk will see it as a sign from on high. Less attuned people will view it as luck or serendipity. Whichever school of thought one hails from, the end result is the same, the presentation of a life altering choice. And a thinking person cannot step away from it without heading in a new direction. Such is the cause for some of the best creative minds to head down the road towards their calling. The personal decision is often called "burning your …show more content…
Aside from bikes and skis, the most popular item that needs to be transported with a roof rack is a boat. Kayaks, canoes, even surfboards are simply impossible to transport inside your vehicle. Compared to an alternative method of transpotation, such as a trailer, a roof rack is substantially cheaper and easier to use. The only problem: where do you start in selecting a roof water rack? What kind of boat will you carry? The first step in the selection process is determining what kind of boat you carry. Many water racks are designed specifically to transport a kayak, a canoe or even a surfboard. It should not come as a surprise that rack sizes and styles vary as much as the boats they carry so you can fine tune your rack to your specific needs rather easily. There are 4 basic styles of roof racks for boats: load assist carriers, saddle-style carriers, j-style carriers and stacker style carriers. All 4 types are available from the top 3 names in water racks: Thule, Yakima and Inno. Load Assist Water Racks First, on the higher end of things, are load assist racks which, as their name suggests, help you maneuver

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