School Board Meeting Summary

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I viewed the video footage from the School Board Meeting that was recorded on March 8th. This meeting was at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Administrative Center. This is located at 5775 Osceola Trail, Naples, Fl. The meeting began at 4p.m. however, the business portion of the meeting began at 4:30p.m. Board member who attended where; Kelly Lichter, Kathleen Curatolo, Erika Donalds, and Roy M. Terry. The beginning of the meeting was a lot of academic highlights. It started with a video of Collier County schools called the Proud tour. This indicates all the good things that the schools are doing and the county is essential proud of. Next it talked about the box car from the Holocaust Museum and how the Immokalee Technical College is working …show more content…
As a result, I did not know what to expect as I watched the meeting. I was shocked to find out that prior to the actual meeting they hold academic highlights and recognitions. I think it is sad that there are not many people there but at least students are being recognized from their accomplishments. I think this is great and shows what is being done in the school system especially with the Proud Tour. I do think that the official meeting was rather confusing. The board member at one point even stated, “What are we agreeing to here.” If the school board members don’t know what is going on how do they expect the general public to understand. I most certainly got confused when consent was given to many things. They do not elaborate on things. At one point they were discussing the amount of title one schools in the county and they didn’t even know the information. Finally somebody came forward and said that it was almost fifty percent of the schools are title one. This kind of concerns me. I feel as though the board members should know the county and the schools, this just shows that they do not know what they are discussing and lack of knowledge regarding topics. Especially, since many public individuals leave everything to the board

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