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  • Shame By Dick Gregory Summary

    In the short story "Shame", Dick Gregory shares his story of shame and embarrasment at school. He had no father, therefore his family was on relief. Sometimes they didnt have enough money to eat at home. Mr. Gregory would steal food out of the other childrens ' lunch, or eat paste. He said " paste doesn 't taste too bad when you 're hungry." He couldn 't focus in class due to being hungry, so his teacher gave him a special seat in class called the "idiot seat". One day his teacher was asking students in class how much their fathers would be donating to the community chest for negros on relief. Gregory was in love with a girl named Helene Tucker. He would try to impress her by shoveling snow from her driveway, leaving what money he had on her doorstep, and he would wash his clothes everyday in melted ice water since his house pipes were frozen over. When the teacher asked ms. Tucker how much her father owuld be sparing he wanted to top whatever he would put in. The teacher skipped over Gregory completely. When he raised his hand and said " you forgot me", his teacher comments, "We know you don 't have a daddy." That is when he experienced shame for the first time. In the short story "Stages of Shame: A young Chinese American 's story" , Shannon Ho, first experiences shame when she gets transferred frm private school to public school. She was simply not american, therefore she stood out from all of the other students. Her class was doing an essay contest on what defines an…

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  • Science Trip Monologue

    I woke up feeling ashamed and angry on the day of the science fieldtrip. Feeling ashamed and angry, I quickly put on my shirt and headed to the bus. During this time, I became more and more embarrassed. The constant thought of embarrassment caused me to forget a change of clothes and I panicked! The science trip was first period and I couldn’t handle these emotions inside much longer. I kept thinking about the outfit I had on. Why did I wear this? I thought to myself over and over. Once the bus…

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  • Fish Cheeks

    Embarrassed and hiding her face, Amy Tan struggles to accept herself during an excruciating dinner her mother had set up with an american family. The lesson she was taught here is one she will come to remember for a long time. This story, Fish Cheeks, by Tan shines a light on the idea that parents lessons are better learned through austerity. Kids will remember the moments in life where they felt strong emotions, like anger, embarrassment, and shame. Kids remember lessons through thoughts and…

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  • Amy Tan Mothers Tongue Analysis

    Language is a tool humans use to communicate with each other. English, Spanish, and Chinese are few examples of these carefully crafted tools. Tools that were shaped in different ways, but for the same purpose. English in particular is a beautiful systematic sequence of carefully crafted words in a rhythmic pattern. But with the beauty of the language comes the complexity and it is difficult for immigrants from other countries to adapt to the language. In Amy Tan 's essay “Mothers Tongue”, she…

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  • Fear In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    Fear of Showing Weakness Fear can control how people act. It can make them put on a front, act overconfident. Opposing to these reactions, fear can also make people run away or hide. In the mid to late 1900’s during the Vietnam War, soldiers were faced with this same fear. The men did not want to appear weak to each other, their community, their family, or to anyone. In Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried he reveals stories of the Alpha Company, a United States unit of foot soldiers, that he…

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  • Ignorance In Mark Twain's Life On The Mississippi River

    he views the river with confusion and begins to see that what he perceived originally was not really true. His first impression of the river turned out to be an illusion of blinded beauty. As the truth of the river unfolds, Mark Twain’s love for the Mississippi River diminishes. Towards the end of the excerpt, he begins to ask rhetorical questions and uses the analogy of the doctor to convey his central idea. His central idea of ignorance is a bliss is greatly supported in towards the end and…

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  • The Day Poem Analysis

    prevents one from gaining the items desired. The item desired in the poem is the plum. The speaker contemplates the plum that “hangs on it’s/ stem like a plum” (1-2). The speakers showcases his great desire for the “swelling and/ blushing and ripe” plum (5-6). This establishes the tone of the poem of longing for the magnificent plum. In the later half of the poem the speaker reaches out for the plum and finds his movement to late. When he tries to grab the plum he realizes that the “flesh moves/…

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  • What Is Greed A Good Thing In Human Life Essay

    nature will take much time and effort, and in the meantime, all scientists can do is study the most obvious traits of the thing that makes humans what they are. While much evidence points towards humans evolving over the many years to be an aggressive- and in some circumstances even hostile species - in response to the harsh environment they were subjected to, it can be argued that some of humanity’s most useful survival tactics came from vulnerability. In fact, some of the modern humanity’s…

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  • Blondie's Argumentative Essay

    “For the male,” said Felatina, gesturing to Blondie, “Exercise and sexual behavior are closely related. The same muscles are used in both activities.” Blondie was blushing deeply as we watched him. He clasped his hands in front of his pelvis, trying to maintain some modesty. “This is why,” she continued, “it is so interesting to watch male physical exercise.” I thought of Blondie using the masturbation device and had to agree. Felatina approached Blondie with a small bottle. “Drink,” she said…

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  • The Lost Books Of The Odyssey Summary

    women each took a man. Odysseus went with Circe, woke up during the night, and realized that his men were missing. When Circe explained that she did not want him dead, Odysseus lowered his weapon and went back in bed with her. In book 13 “epiphany” Athena tries to convince Odysseus to marry her. Throughout the whole war, Odysseus says that Athena has helped him with many battles and has been there for him. Some nights, Athena would appear to Odysseus when he was half asleep. While Odysseus was…

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