Theory of a Deadman

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Charleston, West Virginia

    Its Saturday morning and we’re leaving for Virginia. I am not looking forward to going and staying in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. And I’m also not too excited about being all “churchy” and religious for an entire week. We are riding vans painted with the words “Honk for Jesus” “Jesus loves you” and “ASP bound Kzoo Michigan”. I am about as religious as a dead rock. We left the church around 7am, everyone was happy and smiling and ready to go work on poor people’s houses. This drive is going to be long so we have our blankets and pillows with us in the car, cozy as bugs in rugs. I am with my two friends and happy to be able to sing and act goofy with them on this car ride to Charleston, West Virginia. The ride down is going fine and all is good. I'm just a preppy white girl, living the dream, going on a church mission trip to satisfy my parents. I surely am not looking forward to having to work on some ratty old house that probably should be torn down, rather than be repaired. But here I am, riding down the road, lost and confused. We arrive at St. Marks United Methodist Church around 6pm. As we get there we unpack our overnight bags and we all get into a big group and walk to the small town’s mall. I feel so gross and disgusted by all of the homeless people around here and I’M HOMESICK! We’re not even to our destination of Bland County Virginia and I already hate this trip. While we are at the mall some of our group eat pizza and start playing cards these…

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  • Love At First Sight Kenya Minogue Analysis

    Prompt #: 5 Response: Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight One of the songs that I would pick is Kylie Minogue’s “Love at First Sight. I would play this song during the first part of the story because it is described that “Armand Aubigny riding by and seeing her there, had fallen in love with her” (Chopin, 1). Basically, Armand had fallen in “love at first sight.” So, I think this song is perfect because it is about that kind of love, and even the…

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  • Recognition, Dicognition And Phonological Theory Of Dyslexia

    This theory attributes the inability to manipulate and attend to sounds as a direct result of poor representation, storage, and retrieval of speech sounds (Aravena, et al., 2013). Considering that phonological awareness is the prerequisite for becoming literate, children with dyslexia have a harder time gaining reading and spelling skills (Aravena, et al., 2013). In a 2013 study about the impacts of a child’s phonemic length discrimination ability on reading and spelling skills, phonological…

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  • Tranquility In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    For example, Divina Flor remembers Santiago grabbing her hand and her thinking it was a “hand that felt frozen and stony, like that hand of a deadman” (13). As readers, we are likely to define this as a strong exaggeration on her part when in fact, we could also interpret this as a representation of fate in the novel. One might think that it is fate that brings Santiago Nasar to his death, rather than the killers themselves. When Victoria tosses steaming rabbit entrails to voracious dogs, a…

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