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  • Summary Of Ender's Game

    Ender’s lesson In the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, unfriendly aliens mounted an attack on Earth. After repelling the buggers, Colonel Graff creates a military school aimed to find the next great commander. Finding interest into Ender, he is recruited to battle school. Here, students study strategy, tactics, military history and goes deeper into math and science. At school, Ender finds himself at the top spot, which impresses Colonel Graff. Ender graduate from battle school and is qualified for command school, which involves him playing battle simulators and commanding armies. Colonel Graff tricks Ender into thinking the battle simulator against the aliens were fake. Although Ender defeated the buggers, he was unsatisfied what happened. He decided to find a place for the last remaining buggers to live. Card shows in the story that violent solves things, but not always in a good way. At the beginning of the story, Ender was standing near the bus stop when he encounters the school bully. Stilson realized that Ender was missing his monitor and decided to taunt him. Already feeling unhappy and tired, Ender took matters into his own hands. Ender kicked the bully which shocked Stilson, making him fall to the ground. Ender thought, “... I have to win this now (...) or I’ll fight it every day and it will get worse and worse.” Ender knew if he didn’t finish his opponent, they would continue to bully him. Ender kicked his rib repeatedly until Stilson laid motionless and…

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  • Who Is The Antagonist In Xenocide

    dying off from the descolada, a disease that the pequeninos, an alien species that are structured like large pigs who can walk and talk, need in order to survive and move on to their third life as “fathertrees.” And the humans are trying to tame this descolada and have it no longer affect the lives of the humans, in doing so the pequeninos will no longer be able to move on to the precious and holy third life. But within all of these conflicts there is a greater conflict which will make both…

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  • Disappearance Of Amelia Earhart

    Earhart may have landed safely on the island known as Nikumaroro, but died before she could have been rescued. The TIGHAR team suggests, “The Earhart made more than 100 radio transmissions calling for help between July 2 and July 6 of 1937, which rules out the possibility of her plane crashing” (Pequenino). In the team’s concept, Amelia Earhart would have had enough fuel to land on the island since she was able to call for help. Since the S.O.S. calls were admitted over the course of four days,…

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